Bath Fitter Cost in 2024-Full Range of Prices for Top Brands

How Much Does Bath Fitter Cost

You have probably seen a large number of commercials and think that Bath Fitter can be the perfect solution for your room. But before you start the process, you should know a little more information about average cost of bathfitter. So, how much does bath fitter cost?

A bath fitter, like other plumbing, can cost you from $ 700 to $ 1,400. This is if you expect more installation and wall panels. If you hire workers to install the bathtub and wall panels, the entire project can come out in the range of $ 4,000 to $ 7,000.

In our article, we will take a closer look at the price of a Bath Fitter tub, which you are going to install in your bathroom. We will tell you about alternative options that will help you save your budget or choose a style according to your taste preferences. Let’s start the bathfitters reviews and cost.

What Is Bath Fitter?

Bath Fitter

Before we take a closer look at the pricing policy for Bath Fitter services, we need to understand the concept of this service. Bath Fitter is a company that was founded in Canada and started operating in 1984. In this year, the company’s founder, Brian Cotton, started working with his two brothers and created his own brainchild.

Bath Fitter are engaged in installing bath liners in homes and apartments. They take out the taps in your bathroom and install wall panels, if you choose them. After installation, a team of installers strengthens the wall so that all installed plumbing will serve you for many years.

After that, the installation of the bath liner begins. You should understand that this is not a new bath, but just a pad that covers your old bath. If you need any accessories for your bathroom, they will also be placed. Then the room is cleaned and you can use it.

Cost of Bath Fitter

Cost of Bath Fitter

After understanding the company’s services and delving into the installation process itself, you can start talking about tub fitters cost. If you open the Bath Fitter website, you will realize that the cost of Bath Fitter is not quite easy to deal with. What does a bath fitter cost?

The information on the site states that all work is made to order and each bathroom will be unique, respectively, and the bath fitter price will vary depending on many factors. It is impossible to determine the exact cost of a bath fitter tub without looking at the amount of work to be done.

Therefore, the bath fitters’ cost of all work is determined by your preferences, the state of the bathroom at the moment, and the complexity of the work. They estimate the cost of a free inspection of your home. How much does a bath fitter cost?

Therefore, first, you need to evaluate the installation. They can predict the cost of their services without an inspection, but they warn that the price will only be approximate. Only Bath Fitter, after a thorough inspection, will be able to show you the exact cost of a bath fitter.

Bath Fitter is one of the most famous companies for installing these liners. They are made of acrylic, and other brands of bath liners are made from this material. There is a variant of liners made of PVC (although it does not have a Bath Fitter). It will cost you less than acrylic. You can significantly reduce the cost of the entire procedure by choosing a PVC material. In general, you will save two or three hundred dollars.

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But any savings have their drawbacks. In this case, you do this by sacrificing appearance, since PVC inserts look less cute than acrylic ones. And they won’t live that long. Acrylic liners, by the way, are also quite fragile, but this is their only major drawback.

With all this in mind, let’s look further. As mentioned above, the liner will cost from 700 to 1400 dollars. We already know that everything depends on how your bathroom looks at the moment, its size, and the amount of work you want. The installation of the wall panels increases the price. By the way, the size of the bath,  bathroom vanity height may differ depending on the manufacturer.

But this is only the bath fitter cost price of the liner itself. It is clear that in order to install it, you will resort to the help of professionals, and this significantly increases the bath fitter average cost, raising it even to seven thousand dollars. How much do Bath Fitters cost in the USA?

HomeAdvisor conducted a study and cite the following statistics: the average price for Bath Fitters in the country is $ 3,199, including installation. The approximate range of your embezzlement is as follows: 1729-4980 dollars. The most expensive installation will cost you $ 8000. So we found out how much is a bath fitter tub.

Cost Of Install a Bath Overlay Yourself


Let’s be realistic, $ 7,000 is quite a large amount for the average cost of a bath fitter, and not everyone can afford to pay it for a bathtub overlay that isn’t even a bathtub itself.

According to HomeAdvisor statistics, installing a new bathtub can cost less: from 1040 to 5579 dollars. However, it is not a fact that this amount includes the cost of the bath itself.

If you urgently need a bath liner, you can save several hundred, or even thousands of dollars from the cost of applying it, if you do it yourself. But is this a good idea?

Not in all cases. Although at first glance it looks easy to install the bath liner in the right place, and then fix it, this work can be more difficult than you might think. The professional team of installers has a lot of experience working with such cases, and they are guaranteed to provide you with a result of impeccable quality. But you can hardly say that for yourself.

If you accidentally damage something during installation, there will be cracks and leaks that should not be allowed. Bacteria can easily get into your new bath liner, making a comfortable room unhygienic. Water leakage is also possible in this case, which will affect the condition of the bathroom itself.

There is also a possibility that the company will not allow you to install it yourself. There is no such information on their website. And you will most likely still have to make an additional payment for completing the work without trying to install it yourself.

All these goods and accessories you can buy in one place without leaving your house. The variety of bathroom accessories and spare parts for repair are worth your attention.

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Average Bath Fitter prices :

National Average Cost$5,000
Minimum Cost$1,000
Maximum Cost$10,000
Average Range$3,000 to $7,500

How Long Does Bath Fitter Last?

How much does bathfitters cost

The information on the Bath Fitter website in the F. A. Q section States that acrylic liners are guaranteed as long as the house belongs to you. The lifetime warranty that comes with the bath liners contains the same statement.

According to their website, Bath Fitter produces all the glue and acrylic on its own, which is what they use. We have already mentioned in this article that acrylic bath liners will last much longer than their cheap counterparts, which are made from PVC vinyl. We also mentioned the main disadvantage of acrylic: its extreme fragility over time.

It is not known how long it takes for the acrylic to start becoming brittle. Considering that Bath Fitter uses a material of its own production, it can be of higher quality than usual. Accordingly, it will live much longer. It may even last until you change your place of residence. You can take advantage of your lifetime warranty even at the first hint of fragility or cracks.

Other Companies

bath fitter cost reviews

Bath Fitter, although it is the most popular company in the market of bath pads, this does not mean that it is the only one. Now we will tell you about several other brands that also provide work on installing bath liners.

  1. Miracle Method

This company specializes in the ceramic coating of tiles, countertops, and bathtubs. They produce liners from both acrylic and PVC plastics. They are attached with glue. The site says that you can pay up to $ 600 for a complete finish of the bath, the cost of a volume tile will be approximately $ 1000. As you can see, this tub fitters cost is more accessible to you than Bath Fitter.

  1. Liners Direct

Liners Direct sells Bath Wraps, a converted version of your shower or bath of their own production. They promise you that by choosing them, you will get a high resistance to fading and cracking. The bath liner of this company is covered with antimicrobial protection of its own production.

  1. Custom Bath Liners

You can also use Custom Bath Liners to install bath liners in your home. Their services are evaluated according to a special price list. It looks like this:

  • 859 dollars is the end-to-end installation of the system; the work is performed within one day;
  • It costs $ 2,999 to place the bath liner and install the wall system, this work is also carried out within one day;
  • It will cost you $ 3,999 to convert your bathroom into a shower, also takes just one day;
  • 7,999 dollars will cost you to install and install a shower cabin.
  • $ 6,999 will cost you a full job on your entire bathroom. It includes: hand shower, new laminate, sink mounting, installation of a special granite countertop, installation of a toilet and a dressing table next to it, temperature valve, bathroom finishing, a new color for the walls or updating the old one, wall system and installation of a bath liner. This price is variable and may be part of a special offer.
  1. Bath Planet

Well, last on our list, but not least, is a company that produces bathroom liners made of excellent pure acrylic. You can choose the shower cabins that are convenient for you, the entire renovation can easily fit in one day and includes both the installation of a shower cabin and a complete refurbishment of your bathroom. The company guarantees you the quality and long-term use of its product.

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Optional features and accessories

Bath Fitter’s optional features and accessories increase the total cost but can make your shower more functional, attractive, safe, and accessible. Popular add-ons include:

  • Shelves and soap dishes
  • Grab bars
  • Shower seat
  • Straight or curved shower rod
  • Molding & trim
  • Shower ceiling
  • Wainscotting

Bath Fitter pros & cons

Bath Fitter’s tub liners and shower walls are durable, low-maintenance, and can be installed quickly. However, their prices are higher than the average cost of bathtub liner installation or tub refinishing. The table below lists the pros and cons of a Bath Fitter tub or shower remodel.

Fast installation, with many installations taking place in only one or two days
Little to no demolition required since the liner and wall panels fit over your existing tub and shower
Grab bars and other safety and accessibility options available
Acrylic liner and wall material is durable and easy to clean
A seamless wall panel system reduces the chance of mold growth due to leaks
Typically lasts longer than tub refinishing
More expensive than a standard bathtub liner installation or tub refinishing/reglazing
Limited colors and styles to choose from
Not suitable for jetted or jacuzzi tubs
Future repairs can be challenging and may require replacing the liner again

Bath Fitter alternatives

Consider Bath Fitter’s pricing in relation to the typical cost of these comparable tub and shower renovation jobs before determining whether to hire them in this manner:

When deciding whether to purchase Bath Fitter’s services, compare their prices to the average cost of these similar tub and shower remodeling projects:

Get free estimates from bathroom remodelers near you.​

  • Bathtub reglazing costs $275 to $600 for the tub alone or $800 to $1,200 for a tub and shower. Reglazing, also called refinishing, is the most cost-effective option and adds a glossy coating that makes the tub look like new.
  • A bathtub liner costs $1,700 to $2,500 with installation. A tub liner is part of Bath Fitter’s standard service, but many other companies also offer bathtub liner installation, often at a lower cost.
  • Bathtub replacement costs $800 to $4,600 on average, depending on the tub type, material, and style.
  • A tub-to-shower conversion costs $1,000 to $8,000 if converting a tub to a prefab shower stall or $3,500 to $15,000 when converting a tub to a walk-in shower.

To Sum up

How much does bath fitters cost? The average bath fitter cost varies from 4 to 7 thousand dollars, this is taking into account the installation fee. The bath liner is applied to an old bath that you already have installed, and should in theory save you money to buy a new one.

Acrylic bath has high endurance, but over time it can become brittle. The company contrasts this risk with the following offer: all work in your home is carried out with a lifetime warranty. As they say: your liners will serve you as long as you live in your home.

If after bath fitter cost reviews you realize that it is too expensive for you, then you can always contact other companies, which we also reviewed in this article. Now you have not one, but a large number of options for a liner for your bath, while you can take into account the possibilities of your budget.

We hope that you will make the right choice, and our article helped you with this. Use only proven companies, do not try to install yourself, and choose bath liners wisely. We wish you good luck and long life for your repair!

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