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Card Table Dimensions And Sizes | The Buying Guide

Card tables will be enjoyed by every homeowner in their houses. The main feature of having a foldaway card table dimensions of any circular card table dimensions is that with a square card table dimensions. You obtain a collapsible surface on which all family members of your family game night can playing card games, do their hobbies, and many other things for which there is no special area around the house.

The main question asked by those who plan to buy such tables a circular card table dimensions is what size it should have. Therefore, we have decided to offer you the following review, where you will learn more about the available sizes and common shapes of oval card tables.

We hope that you won’t have any questions about the standard size of possible round card table dimensions.

First, we should always remember that the typical card table size is defined by the sturdy shape of the table dimensions you have decided to choose. In shops, you can find three widely known octagonal card table shapes, which are rectangle, square, and circle.

If you have ever asked the following questions: “What standard size is a card table legs of a certain shape?”, or “How big is a standard card table dimensions?”, this article is for you.

Below, you can learn more about the standard card tables and larger table dimensions shapes, and standard dimensions.

  1. If you want a round table, the diameter of the table dimensions you will acquire can be from 42 to 48 inches in diameter (1.22 m).
  2. Typical square table sizes happen to be from square or rectangular table 34×34 to 38×38 inches in diameter (ca. 1 m). The smallest perfect size of a standard rectangular table is 36×24 inches (0.61 m), while the largest one is 48×92 inches (2.34 m).

As we have described the typical sizes and shapes of rectangular card tables, let’s look into each available standard size and shape deeper.

Round Card Tables

As we already know, round rectangular card table dimensions table’s measurements happen to be from 42 to 48 inches (1.22 m) in diameter. The typical height of such oval round octagonal card table only varies between 28 and 30 inches (0.76 m), so any standard matching chairs will match your round table.

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The shape of the table allows from three to five people to sit at the table without any discomfort. There can be more up to six people sitting, of course. Round square card table are a perfect solution for those who don’t have much ample space and at the same time, it allows several people to sit at it. Just remember that the rule “more people, less comfort” is suitable for oval square card tables and smaller tables of any shape as well.

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FORUP Folding Utility Table

card table dimensions circular tables

Actually, we have gotten used to the idea that a rectangular card table is usually foldable, so you can break it down and put it away, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Nevertheless, if we decide to buy a round poker table, we should take into account that round tables are typically made of rather durable materials such as wood, so they can’t be folded.

Therefore, you have to think of where you are going to keep it when it is not used. According to these facts, round playing poker tables can typically become a part of the room design and can even be a piece of art.

Square Card Tables

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Square card tables acquire even sides, and their usual size is 3×3 feet. The height is usually 29 inches, which also allows for standard chairs.

These tables are perfect for round card tables games where four people take part, so it is also ideal for families with four board games members.

If you want to have more people sitting at your square table, the size of it has to be bigger square tables, but you will face the problem of fitting that table into your interiors. Generally, such square tables can have endurable plastic tops and metal legs, but they can hold a lot of weight because of their shape.

Metal legs add more endurance to the whole construction. But we have to remember that wooden square tables are also rather durable.

Multipurpose Square Table

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If you are willing to find a more elegant square table, you can choose a wooden option with collapsible legs. These rectangular square tables usually look very nice in many types of home space designs.

Straight Edge Folding Card Table

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In addition to this, you can also decide on chairs according to your taste, which will be foldable and easily kept. In other words, you can have a stylish set that you can use when you need to.

Folding Chair

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Rectangular Card Tables

Rectangular card tables are close to square ones, but oval card tables have another length. Since there is a longer side, the table is easily fit into many places and allows for more people to sit than a square table does.

what size is a card table card table shape

Such a shape of foldable tables is perfect when there are from six to eight people who will take part in a game or enjoy some other activities together. The typical construction of such a table is a square-shaped card table with a durable plastic top and legs made of metal. In general, the circular shape will add more effects on your space larger tables, and it is useful to serve people easily.

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To save space, consider getting foldable chairs for your card-playing buddies. To allow for adequate seating comfortably seat and movement, you need to ideally allow at least 3 feet of clearance space around a poker table.

This type of octagonal card table is ideal for rooms with limited space as it allows enough people to sit around it without taking up too much room, like square tables. They are also frequently used as puzzle tables and even extra auxiliary seating due to their low cost and easy storage.

Folding Utility Table

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The Purposes Of Having A Oval Card Table

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It is common to see circular card tables and think that circular card tables are useful when you want to play cards some card tables games or board games, or chess, for instance. Still, board games there are more ways to use your oval card table:

  • You can do arts or arts and crafts with your children at weekends;
  • These rectangular tables are perfect for outdoor barbecues;
  • Such rectangular tables are also used during weddings outside.

In other words, if an additional table is necessary for you, you should consider buying a foldable card table.

Where You Can Buy A Card Table

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There are several places where you can buy an ideal card table for your house. They are the following:

  • The fastest way to buy a card table is to do it online. You can find any type, size, and shape of a card table you want. Make sure that the seller is safe, and always check for the reviews of those who have already bought the table you are thinking of;
  • Local furniture shops may offer some types of card tables. In fact, you may be lucky enough to find some unusual, elegant models of them not far from your home;
  • Supermarkets, such as Target, usually have some ordinary models of card tables that you want to buy if you search a foldable table without thinking of its beauty;
  • Antique shops are perfect places to find a unique cad table that will become an important detail in your interiors.

Which Tablecloth You Should Choose For Your Round Card Table

Firstly, the size of your future size tablecloth depends on the type of your table. Secondly, you will choose a square or rectangular tablecloth according to your taste and your accommodation design.

Make sure that you have a round-size tablecloth if you are an owner of a circular table, otherwise, it won’t look nice.How to make your gaming desk look minimalist? Round card tables are generally made from wood with a felt covering and a wide wooden pedestal base.

Use this table to hold a sewing machine. Used for Holding Heavy Stuff You can use card tables for keeping heavy stuff like sewing machines or other relevant objects. 

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dimensions of a card table play games tabletop sitting atop plastic tabletop table shapes octagonal card tables

When you decide on a suitable tablecloth, you need to know the exact size of your rectangular card table. In addition to this, you should decide the amount of the drop, which is the fabric of a tablecloth hanging down from the edges of your card table.

When you have got all the needed measurements, another step is to do some math. If you have a round table, you take its diameter and add two desirable drop length multiplied.

For other shapes of your table, you take the length of your piece of furniture and add two drops. Then you do the same with the width of your table. In other words, the main thing you have to remember is that the size of a tablecloth depends on a standard square card table and the dimensions of the card table.

If you have a standard card table size, you can often find it on the package of a tablecloth that is suitable for your own card table here.

You should always keep in mind that long tablecloths are more suitable for formal occasions and events.

Linen Rectangle Tablecloth Table

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Places For Your Card Table In Your House

Actually, a card table can be put anywhere in your house. If you obtain a foldable model, you can just set it in the middle of a family room when needed and then put it away in its usual place of storage. A large closet or utility room is ideal for this.

size of card tables

If you have bought a nice and elegant card table or pool table you can easily organize a permanent place for it. It can be an ordinary family room or a specially designed game room.

Video: Best Folding Card Tables

In Closing

So, we have learned that there are different shapes, size of a card, and materials of card tables available. The size of a card of a typical square card table or table depends on its shape, which together with the dimensions affects its foldability, the place of use, and the size of a possible tablecloth.
You can also read about average coffee table sizes in our new article.

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We hope that with our review you will easily find a card table according to your needs and personal preference and enjoy spending your family time at it! The questions “What is the size of a card rectangular or square table-top?” or “What are the dimensions of a card table?” are no longer an issue for you.

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