How to cleaning wooden stairs:9 effective ways

Staircases are exactly the place which many people clean quite rarely and which eventually get not pleasant appearance. Besides, cleaning wood stairs gets hard and you spend a great amount of time on cleanup.

The decision for the problem is extremely simple. If you don’t want to spend much time cleaning wood stairs at a time and to pay lots of effort to scrub the dirt and oil, then it is better to clean the stairs more or less often. This way, the situation can’t get really bad, so you do a cleanup fast and easy.

So, let’s start!

  1. How to clean wood stair railings

cleaning wood stairs

We often touch the wood stair hand rails with dirty hands, so after some time the handrails accumulate a noticeable layer of oil and dirt. Here it is not necessary to use strong chemical products. First, clean the wooden handrails with a baby wipe to remove the dust and dirt. Second, combine vinegar and water and wipe with a cloth soaked in the mixture the handrails again.

  1. Vacuum thoroughly

cleaning wood stairs

If you have the carpeted stairs, this step is for you. It will be enough to vacuum the carpet from time to time to keep it in quite good condition. Unfortunately, a vacuum cleaner can’t deal with all the corners and crevices, so you have to clean hardly accessible places with a baby wipe or some cloth.

  1. Wet clean your carpet

cleaning wood stairs

Sometimes, you need to do a wet cleanup to remove all the dust and grime. Take a wet cloth and handle each step and corner attentively. It is necessary to take all the excess water away after cleanup to escape molding. For this purpose, you can use a towel. Fold it a few times and try to push it down at each part of the carpet. If there the carpet is really dirty, use some washing agent and a brush.

  1. Cleaning wood stairs(look in the corners)

cleaning wood stairs

The only tricky moment in cleaning wood stairs consists in the fact that the dust and the grime accumulate in the corners and the crevices. When sweeping staircases and washing the stairs you also push the grime even farther, so it is necessary to handle the tricky places properly by doing outward movements.

  1. Clean the risers

Don’t forget about staircase risers which are vertical parts of the stairs between the steps. When cleaning wood stairs, the dust sticks to the staircase risers in addition to usual contamination. To remove the scuffs from the wooden stairs, you can use special products called magic erasers.

  1. Protect your wood

cleaning wood stairs

The main threat to wooden stairs’ safety is moisture which may cause a process of molding. To prevent the process, you should use a wet piece of cloth and dry the stairs once you finish a wet cloth. Besides, you can handle the stairs with vegetable wax to protect the wood from moisture and destruction.

  1. Refinish the banister

cleaning wood stairs

Even when cleaning wood stairs including wood banisters properly, unfortunately, after some time the stairs won’t shine anymore because of the natural process of wear. However, you can solve this problem, too. It is easy to find a guide on how to do it on the web. Take into account that if you decide to renew the stairs, you will have to use serious instruments such as a power sander. If you don’t want to learn how to clean or renew wood banisters, one more option is to find a method how to remove banisters, of course in case it is not dangerous.

  1. Remove scuffs and wear

Not only shine disappear, but also some scuffs and marks of wear usually may be seen on the staircase risers and the handrails. To fix the situation, the procedure of refinishing should be accomplished. You can find guides on how to do the procedure as well.

  1. Remove the carpet

In case your carpet condition worsened to such a degree that it is impossible to use the carpet anymore, why don’t you throw it away? Or maybe even if the condition is not so bad, removal of the carpet would make your life much easier. The only thing you should consider is the appearance of the stairs under the carpet. You may need to do a modernization.

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That is all. We hope you learned all the information you need on how to clean wood stairs as well as a carpet, wood banisters, and so on.

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