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Top Colors Of Curtains For Yellow Walls

Yellow happens to be a wonderful place for designing your house. It usually reminds us of warmth, happiness, vitality and inspiration and because of this it’s remarkably suitable for decorating our kitchens and living rooms. But curtains for yellow walls can be used not only in the named rooms, bedrooms or, for instance, bathrooms can have this particular design.

But for some people it’s rather challenging to choose curtains for yellow walls since it’s not so widely popular for interior design. So we have decided to offer you a list of possible options so that you can choose one of them or just understand what looks good with your yellow walls. We hope that you will be inspired by our list of ideas and will be able to select something that will make your interior with yellow walls look modern and sophisticated and attract a lot of attention from your guests.

Yellow color is primary, so it means that it’s easily combined with other primary and contrasting colors, such as black, white, red, brown, blue and lavender. Green also looks wonderful with yellow walls. You should remember that you can apply different tones of these colors both light and dark as well as pale and bright.

Black Color Curtains

Black window treatments in tandem with a yellow wall create some dramatic mood. Besides, this combination is very expressive and looks modern. These two colors are perfectly suitable for design of the 1960’s, but can also be applied in more modern interiors. Although black can be used with any tone of yellow, the most common way is to use it with sunshine bright yellow to create a particular contrast. In fact, such a combination will be ideal for your living room since it’s rather sophisticated and attracts a lot of attention.curtains for yellow walls

If you think of buying black curtains for your yellow walls, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Dreaming Casa Solid Sheer Curtains. This option will certainly provide some drama and, in addition to this, since they are sheer, they allow some sunlight to come inside. It’s not ideal for bedrooms or guest rooms but will make your living room, dining room or kitchen look very sophisticated;
  • Lush Decor Edward Trellis Curtains. These curtains are patterned and have a specific touch of elegance. Since they are darkening well, they are perfect for using in bedrooms. They will protect your sleep as well as privacy, so nobody will see what is happening behind these curtains;
  • Naperarl European Style Jacquard Curtains. They present the combination of elegance and tradition. The curtains have a pattern of different black tones, so they add some dimension to your room. And they are rather convenient since they can be washed in the washing machine. They also don’t need ironing – you can just put them back after washing, so that they will dry up hanging already and will look neat.

White Color Curtains

White color is one of the most typical options for curtains since it is combined well with almost all the other colors. Therefore, it can be easily used with yellow-colored walls. It will calm down bright yellow walls as well as be a good pair for a pale yellow wall. White curtains are also wonderful since they don’t attract too much attention and give an opportunity to implement some other accents in your design.yellow walls

We think that while white color is not very practical if it is used on the furniture, your living space will win if you have the white curtain and some white decor: the curtain will make it possible for a shade to appear, so that the room will look very cosy and comfortable. Besides, white is a neutral color which can balance out bold accents.

Sheer White Patterned Curtains

Such curtains will be great if the walls are sunny bright yellow. They are wonderful since they create a particular balance in the room.yellow

Besides, when the room with yellow walls is not someone’s bedroom, these curtains give a warm glow because of the sunlight filtering through the fabric while at the same time almost nothing is seen behind them. Such curtains look gorgeous when they hang in your kitchen or dining room as well as your living room.

White Embroidered Curtains

Another interesting patterned curtains option is white embroidered curtains. They look very interesting in any interior and can become the centre of attention in your room. Besides, as well as the previously mentioned model, they allow some amount of sunlight to go through and, therefore, create a wonderful sunny and cosy atmosphere in your yellow room. They are also ideal for a living room , a dining room or a kitchen.go with yellow

Since they are embroidered, they become a wonderful addition to other elements of your interior and can be rather attractive for your guests if you apply them in your living room. If you go with yellow walls, these curtains will look very complementary.

Red Color Curtains

Red curtains pose a wonderful pair for a yellow wall. Of course, if you want a calm interior, red is not for you. Red and yellow together look very bright and at the same time harmonious although both colors are primary and vibrant.

And we should remember that if your curtains are red, they will attract a lot of attention while yellow walls will create a base for the brightness of your curtains. Another thing that we have to mention is that if you use bright red and yellow in tandem, try to avoid applying other bright colors since such a design can be too tricky and in the end your interior will look too messy.

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Red is also a good choice for combining curtains with some furniture, for instance, red chairs or a red sofa, a red coffee table or even some red pillows. Again, we have to keep in mind that everything is good in balance – try not to use too many red or yellow accessories and decorations.

If you seek for some red curtains, you can choose between the following curtains models:

  • Ruthy’s Textile 2 Piece Window Sheer Curtains. These red sheer curtains also give some airness to your room. Because of their quality they are not overpowering but still look gorgeous in your interior with yellow walls. They are wonderful for being applied in your living room, but a dining room is also suitable;
  • Vertkrea Strip Window Curtain. Actually, this model is striped with red and white stripes, which makes the room look very elegant and at the same time amusing and bright.
  • Hiasan Buffalo Plaid Sheer Curtains. It’s also a multicolor option of red and black. These curtains are suitable for a living room or a bedroom since they don’t look very overwhelming.

Blue Color Curtains

Blue and yellow happen to be complementary colors, which means that they create a vibrant contrast when put together. Blue curtains will create an incredibly modern look together with yellow walls but it is not overwhelming and looks rather comfortable.

We also think that blue window treatments are ideal for a living room with yellow walls since blue always looks rather stylish and high quality. If you go with yellow active walls, you can balance them out with blue. Blue can used not only for curtains but also for your furniture. Just try to check the colors scheme if you design your living space yourself.

yellow wall

The good examples of blue curtains are the following:

  • Miuco Semi Sheer Curtain. Since these curtains are sheer, they allow some sunlight through them. Besides, they create an airy look in spite of being rather dark and look stylish;
  • Madison Park Amherst Faux Silk. These curtains are created with shades of white and blue and look very sophisticated in any yellow walled room;
  • Deconovo Silver Diamond Foil Print. The curtains are navy blue and acquire a silver diamond print, which is seen from their name. They look charming and will atract attention of your guests.

Navy Blue Curtains

Navy blue window treatments will look great near yellow walls. If the yellow is pale, the combination will look very elegant and sophisticated. If walls are bright yellow, these two colors will look very vibrant and energetic near each other.curtains

If you are brave enough you can try and mix two patterns on the walls and the curtains. You should remember to choose complementary patterns so that your interior will look incredibly stylish.

Brown Color Curtains

Brown color happens to be one of basic colours. It’s natural and rather calm, which allows us to mix it with many other colors, including yellow. The room looks really cozy with brown curtains, and the brightness of yellow walls is toned down with such curtains.walls

In addition to this, brown allows us to use brown, or wooden furniture, which looks extremely stylish. As for options for brown curtains, you should consider the following:

  • Sun Zero 43910 Barrow Energy. These curtains happen to be classical, simple straight-lined. The shade is plain chocolate, so they can be named basic. With these curtains you have room for implementing various design ideas, including yellow into your design color scheme;
  • Regal Home Collections Amore. This curtains set is very elegant and adds class to any room where it is used. Moreover, it is very convenient since it can be washed in the washing machine;
  • Rividecor Wooden Plank. These curtains create a certain country look, so if you are going to use this type of design in your interior, you can definitely use this model.

Mocha Curtains

Mocha curtains will look very elegant if you acquire dark yellow walls. They are a perfect choice for yellow dining or living rooms since they create a smart and sophisticated look.color scheme

If you add some complementary furniture, your design will be amazing and will attract a lot of attention from your guests.

Beige Curtains

Although beige is not a brown tone, it is close to brown, is also natural and happens to be one of basic shades.curtains for yellow walls

As for yellow walls, beige curtains will ideally match them since beige is close to yellow on the color spectrum and because of it they are complementary.

If you want more details in your interior, you can use a pattern on your beige curtains.

Green Color Curtains

Green is also a good choice when you need to choose window treatments for your room with yellow walls. We would just like to recommend to choose more natural tones of green, and, actually, of any color, since it always looks stylish and enjoyable.yellow wallsGreen curtains are a good idea for your living room since they will create a wonderful place for having rest or having fun together with your family.

Dark Green Curtains

Dark green is a wonderful choice of curtains for a place with yellow walls because it looks very natural and reminds of green grass in your yard. It works really well in tandem with sunshine bright yellow room

Gray Color Curtains

If you follow fashion and design trends, you already know that gray and yellow are named the shades of 2021 by Pantone, which is responsible for the most popular color scheme for a future year, and look extremely elegant and stylish in the interior.Your living room can look very stylish with such a color.yellow

Lavender Color Curtains

If we look at the artist’s color wheel, we can see that purple and yellow are on the opposite sides. Lavender is close to purple, therefore, it creates a wonderful and beautiful contrast with yellow. If you use these two colors in your interior, the place where these colors meet will look exciting and energetic.go with yellow

Lavender and yellow are complementary since yellow creates a funny mood while lavender adds some class and elegance. If you choose lavender window treatments, you can use one of the following models:

  • Anjee Grommet Curtains. In fact, this model is not simple and acquires a geometric pattern with fine lines.They look very modern and at the same time dramatic. The curtains are highly practical since they have the UV protection and can block out almost 100% of sunlight coming to your room. So if you need lavender curtains for your bedroom, these ones will be an ideal choice;
  • Sweet Home Collection Sheer Voile. This one happens to be a vertical ruffled curtain. It’s very stylish and is connected with shabby chic. Although it can look very sophisticated, it’s easy to clean and look after and can be washed in a washing machine;
  • Roslynwood Block Light Velvet Curtains. This model is a perfect demonstration of classic luxury curtains. They will become a wonderful decoration for your room.
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Multicolor Curtains

Multicolor curtains usually have some pattern which can create a particular mood in a room. Besides, they are easy to fit into your interior because of several colors and can be perfectly combined with other pieces of furniture.window treatments

There can be different patterns on your curtains, and they will play various roles. For instance, any geometric pattern draws more attention to your curtains and may be one of the main elements of your interior. In other words, patterned curtains may become a centre of your design. But you still have to be careful since patterned treatments for your windows if used not properly may create a visional mess in your living space.

If you have decided to choose patterned curtains, make sure that you choose the ones with large prints. They will look rather expressive and will be easily noticed. In addition to this, they become an accent in your interior. On the contrary, if the print is small, they look more neutral and pose a base for some other accent in your interior.

Curtains With Stripes

Striped curtains of white and blue colors are ideal for creating a coastal look in the room. Besides, they easily fit into the interior of the room with yellow walls.yellow wall

Another interesting color combination for striped curtains is grey and white – grey looks great with yellow walls, and white adds some balance to the color mixture in the interior.

Nowadays the choice in the market is so huge that you can find some curtains which will look very airy and light, but still acquire the full blackout function and be able to provide as much darkness as possible. Some kinds of curtains are even designed to have the UV protection of several available types, which makes them suitable for applying in rooms with a lot of sunshine or even outdoors.

Black And White Curtains

This shade combination will look great with bright yellow walls. Black and white curtains create a valance with the yellow color. Besides, they can offer an interesting pattern, for instance, a geometric one, which will add some flavour to your design.curtains

Useful Information: 64 Yellow Wall Color Combination

This video is about yellow wall paint designs ideas. You will learn the best color options for your curtains and more.

What Else You Should Take Into Account When You Choose Curtains For Yellow Walls Room

Of course, it’s not enough to choose your future curtains considering only their color. We have decided to name several things which you should also take into account when seeking your ideal curtains.walls

Tone And Darkness

These two things are also important since we can’t choose curtains only according to the name of their color. Curtains can be light and dark as well as bright and pale. Therefore, we should always remember how your yellow walls look. Curtains can be both lighter or darker than your walls depending on what look you are willing to create.color scheme

Besides, if you need to neutralise bright yellow walls, you will choose either dark models, for instance, of dark brown color, or light and pale types, for example, white sheer curtains.

Pale yellow walls don’t need neutralisation, but you can easily combine them with vibrant color curtains of any color you would like.

And we all should understand that the wall color and tone define what curtains you should choose. Actually, the wall color is one of the main factors, so usually designer when planning the interior spend a lot of time combining the wall colors and curtain design options.

Your Room And Its Role: A Living Room Or A Bedroom

We also should take into account which room you are searching for curtains for. If it’s a room where we don’t need total privacy, we can use sheer curtains, which allow some sunlight through but still hide everything you need.color scheme

If, on the contrary, we are going to put these curtains somewhere in a bedroom, first of all, we need rather thick fabric so that nothing is seen from the outside. Besides, we can consider buying curtains with a special block out layer, which doesn’t let in almost 100 per cent of sunshine.


There is no doubt that one of the most important things we have to think about when we choose curtains for your yellow walls is the style and design of your room. The style will define the color of curtains as well as their patterns if needed. Of course, we won’t use geometric designs with fine lines if the other parts of our room are decorated in a romantic style.curtains for yellow walls


It’s a more technical feature. It depends on the room where you will use these curtains and on the style of the room. Besides, you will think of their length twice if you have domestic animals and little children who can easily spoil your floor length curtains. Besides, for such rooms as a kitchen or a bathroom with windows it’s not convenient to use very long curtains.yellow walls


Another important feature when decorating your living space is furniture. We should remember which colors you are going to implement in your interior. Again, neutral furniture will support bold tones of your wall or your curtain well, but it can look too simple with the cream yellow paint of your walls.

living room

On the other side, bold color furniture can look too expressive near neutral tones and argue with your bright yellow walls or your vibrant curtains. Moreover, furniture made of wood is rather specific and can spoil the whole design even if your choice of the wall paint and the curtain design is ideal.

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In other words, when we choose one of the curtain options for, we should take into account all the future elements of our interior.

Curtain Additions

The style of the curtain set depends on whether curtains are supplied with cornices or valances. These things, even if the curtain set you have chosen is neutral in color, add some aesthetics to your living space.yellow

In addition to this, they add more symmetry and character to the appearence of your windows. Valances, in fact, have many options which range in colors, patterns and even materials such as wood or fabric. Therefore, you can improve even the simplest curtains with some supplements.

How Else You Can Use Colors Including Yellow In Your Interior

Yellow color is wonderful not only on your walls.go with yellow

Below you can find some more ideas what you can do with your interior with yellow used in your living space on the walls as well as furniture etc.

  • You can use the colors scheme in order to choose colors which will look harmonious with yellow. A good combination is mustard yellow with rich coral and deep cerulean. You won’t make a mistake if you apply these tones which work well together;
  • If your walls are yellow, one of the styles you can use is boho. For instance, the walls will be a perfect place for works of art, and the whole interior will win if there is something blue in the room, a sofa or some decorations;
  • Yellow walls are also suitable for the traditional style design. The neutral yellow wallpaper will work well with scarlet red accents like pillows or works of art;
  • Yellow walls create a sunny look of your interior. Some other elements can also be painted yellow to support the main color, in addition to this, interior accessories can have prints with yellow color;
  • If your walls are light yellow, they are also wonderful in a traditional interior. Cream yellow color is perfect for decorating the room in combination with other soft colors, such as light blue or light green. The traditional home decor will add a certain mood for the room;
  • The room will still look great if there are no bold yelow tones but some neutral ones. In fact, there can be light yellow walls supported by wooden furniture and other plain color accessories. Such a room will look contemporary and at the same time rich;
  • Another opportunity is to use cream yellow paint on your walls and to choose warm tones of other colors for accessories. For instance, a table can be made of brown wood, while one of such colors as gold, mustard or olive will present an accent in the interior;
  • Again, neutral tones of yellow work well with dark wooden furniture, you don’t even need any other bold tones in decor;
  • The sunny yellow shade of walls, including gold, is easily paired with other bold colors. For example, a sofa can be bright blue or green, as well as any other furniture in your living space;
  • Another sophisticated combintation of colors is mellowed yellow, wood tones, mild gold and grey. Just these four colors on the walls, furniture, curtains and accessories can make your living space look wonderful;
  • Actually, the yellow wall can be the only accent in the interior, and still the room will look amazing. Choose some mild colored furniture and the white curtain, so that it can leave a shade on the floor or the walls.

In Closing

Of course, we want to mention again that when you choose curtains, you should take into consideration what the room is used for. For instance, if you choose curtains for your bedroom, try to find those which acquire a blackout lining which will improve your sleep quality. But if you seek kitchen curtains, curtains for your dining room or living room, you can choose sheer curtains which allow some light in the room and yet protect your privacy.window treatments

Some other important features which can affect your choice is the style of the room, the furniture you are going to install and, actually, all the colors which will be used in your interior.

There are no limits in the use of colors: such colors as white and black, red and blue, green, gray, and lavander will look amazing in tandem with yellow. You don’t have to choose one bold color and all the other being neutral. You can pick up several bright colors or even avoid all of them. The only limit is your imagination.

In fact, another opportunity that is not mentioned in the main body of the article is yellow itself. We should always take into account that we can use complementary tones of yellow in our interiors. For instance, the pale yellow paint on the walls will look good with a bright yellow curtain, and vice versa.

We have covered several particular curtain options naming them so that if you have difficulties choosing yourself you can choose one of them being sure that they are high quality and will look good in your living space.  If you don’t like the named options, just try to follow all the mentioned tips on how to choose the perfect curtain set for your interior.

Besides, we all should remember that yellow can be used not only as wall paint. We have mentioned several ways how you can work on your design by applying yellow color. The color combinations mentioned above can be used in various interior decisions.

We hope that this article has given you some ideas of what curtains are suitable for rooms with yellow walls, and you will get enough inspiration and fun when planning your interior! Make your living space look marvelous and enjoy it as much as possible!

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