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What Fireplace Mantel Heights Are Possible?

When you think of constructing your own house, or you are going to remodel the one you already live in and are planning to acquire a fireplace, a mantel is the most important thing you need to take care of, as well as possible fireplace mantel heights. Since your mantel and fireplace mantel will attract the most attention in the room, it’s necessary to choose the correct height of a mantel.

Therefore, we have decided to carry out an investigation and gather all the features and ideas concerning the fireplace mantel box in this topic for this article. Below you will find what you should know when you are planning a mantel and a fireplace box.

During the process of making a decision about which height your mantel should have, always take into consideration the space and height of the room. The standard mantle height varies from four to six feet from your floor.

We should remember that bigger mantels are more suitable for more spacious most rooms, and, on the opposite, if you have a small room size of the fireplace, the optimal mantel height of four or five feet will look more harmonious in your interiors.

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are more points than just the small room size of the fireplace and a fireplace mantle height which should be taken into consideration when you are creating the plan for your perfect mantel and electric average fireplace mantel height. Below you will read about the main of them.

How High Should A Mantle Be Above The Fireplace

fireplace mantel heights

If you are prepared and aware of what you have to think of during the installation of a mantel, it won’t be very difficult for you to calculate the perfect height depth mantle. As we already know, the size of the fireplace depth in your room defines its height.

Moreover, it’s very important to consider the height of the ceiling, as well as how high the mantel has to be above the fireplace box.

Let’s look into these measurements deeper, as well as learn more about pre-installation steps.

Fireplace Mantel Heights Based On Ceiling Height

mantel height above fireplace

If you want your interiors to look nice, elegant, stylish, and proportional, you have to take care of how your mantel and fireplace mantle mantels cohere with the space of the room.

Nowadays, the typical height of the ceilings in many houses is nine feet. If we have the standard ceiling height, what height of a fireplace mantel, above the existing fireplace mantel, will be suitable?

According to our research, the best way is to place the mantel around 4.5 feet (1.37 m) from the floor, so there will be the same height between the mantel and the ceiling.

The main thing that we should remember is that there should be at least three feet left above the mantel to the ceiling, so if you have a small fireplace mantel with a 4,5-feet mantel, there will be enough space for you to decorate it with some items or even family photos.

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The average mantel height in many US houses is actually from 50 to 60 inches (1.52 m). But for rooms, the average height of a fireplace mantel is four and a half feet.

If you are not sure which average fireplace optimal mantel height  you need, you can search “standard average fireplace mantel height” on the Internet and find some tables with standard measurements for different rooms.

For instance, the usual height for an 8 ft (2.44 m) ceiling will be set as four feet in such materials.

Standard Mantel Height From The Top Depth Of The Fireplace

fireplace mantel height

If your fireplace damage tv works on gas or wood, it’s not recommended to put the mantel too close to your electric fireplace opening in which the logs are situated.

Otherwise, as high should an electric fireplace opening go, there will be a fire hazard for you and your house inhabitants as well. In other words, the mantel situated near the flames can easily get on fire hazard.

The typical mantle height should be twelve inches thick and more above the opening of the electric fireplace damage tv in order not to create fire hazards. All in all, the height above the existing fireplace should be big enough.

What Should You Know Before Installing A Fireplace Mantel

average mantel height

Before starting the process of installation or even building your new house, it is highly recommended that everyone get acquainted with the housing regulation for the place and the state where you live. It should be the fire safety codes set by your place of living as well as by the national fire protection agency, the National Fire Protection Association.

Again, we have to say that if you wish to have a mantel high should a fireplace damage tv in your house, it’s vital to take into account the space and height of the room when making decisions about the height of fireplace mantels. In other words, you should plan in advance before starting construction or repair work.

We again want to mention that for the majority of rooms, the suitable height of high should a fireplace mantel should vary between four and five feet. Another important thing is that the opening of your high should a fireplace be shorter mantels than your mantel itself. For shorter mantels (under four feet from the floor), the best height to mount a TV is 12 inches above the mantel.

 If you have a too-large fireplace, it will overpower the entire room, while on the other hand, if you have a too-small fireplace mantels, you can get a miniature view size.

A large fireplace may overshadow most rooms. On the other hand, a small fireplace mantel height can look very tiny in a large room. 

All in all, the main thing is to make the needed measurements and not do anything without them.

The Possible Length Of A Fireplace Mantel

how high should a mantle be

The most widely known way to decide which length your mantel should obtain is to add about six inches thick to every side of the planned fireplace. For instance, high should a fireplace with thirty-six inches on the edge will require a mantel of forty-eight inches in length.

Another significant fact is that a mantel shouldn’t be very long or even go from one wall hanging to another. An excessively long mantel will make your existing fireplace look too small and is likely to steal the space of the room as well.

How Far Can A Mantel Stick Out

typical mantle height

First, you should take into consideration the location and the style of the planned fireplace. Some of them are placed into the wall itself, while others can go out of the wall and acquire a hood that goes above the fireplace opening itself.

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According to all the information we have investigated, the best option is the situation in which a mantel sticks out for a clearance of three inches and more beyond the opening. If a fireplace obtains a hood, a mantel should extend several inches beyond the hood.

Keep in mind that the minimum clearance usually depends on the depth of the fireplace. Ideally, a fireplace depth of 10 inches should have a minimum clearance of 19 inches, a depth of 8 inches should have a minimum clearance of 17 inches, and so on. The average height for a fireplace mantel is 54 inches (4.5 feet). The average height for a fireplace mantel is 54 inches, which is about 4.5 feet above the hearth floor. 

Again, if you want to have the ideal length of the mantel of your mantel sticking out, you should plan everything ahead and make all the needed measurements. The size of your room and all the furniture you would like to place in your room should always be in your mind.

Another important feature you should remember is that if you want to place some decorations onto your mantel, it has to stick out for enough space to keep your stuff from falling and breaking. And, of course, it shouldn’t stick out too much if you don’t want to bump into it.

How Thick Can A Fireplace Mantel Be

standard fireplace mantel height

The thickness of the mantel happens to be the distance between the top edge and the bottom edge of the mantel. It usually varies between three and seven inches and is defined by the material from which the thickness of the mantel is constructed.

If you use thin wood planks in construction, the perfect thickness will be from three to four inches above the thickness of the mantel. If your mantel is built from thick logs, it will vary between five and seven inches. That thickness is described from the top edge of the mantel, all the way to the bottom edge

How To Mount A TV Above A Mantel

fireplace mantle height

A TV has to be placed from four to twelve inches above your mantel, so the height is practically the same when you put a framed painting or family photos. If your mantel is not more than four feet high, the perfect height for TV mounting is twelve inches above your mantel. For higher mantels, it will be better to place your TV six feet above the length of the mantel.

You should always remember that sometimes mounting a TV above your mantel is not convenient since it can be located higher than eye level and thus cause discomfort during watching it. The solution to this issue can be using a tilting mount for the TV so you can change the angle of your TV how you need it and enjoy watching it with more comfort.

Ideal Length of the Mantel

Some people prefer having mantel ties on either wall side while others prefer to have the mantel extending slightly beyond a fire box. In terms of optimum length, 12′′ longer is possible. A mantle needs to be kept off the open flame box as the mantle is prone to catch fire and catch fires if it is exposed. Adding an additional 12 inches between the mantel and the fireplace can help reduce fire risk. These are stated in the mantel height regulations proposed by the National Fire Agency (NFPA). It actually enables homeowners and staff to have a more comfortable and secure environment.

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Make Your Room Perfect With A Mantel

standard mantel height

So, we have come to the thought that a mantel may create an ideal look for your room and destroy the whole visual appeal as well. It’s necessary for you to select the right parameters including height, width, and length, which can be rather difficult, but you can make it easier if you plan everything properly and take the needed measurements.

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Another important thing is to get acquainted with the regulations concerning fire safety and security presented by your city or state authorities as well as the national fire protection agency Association.

We hope that with the help of this article, you will be able to choose the enjoyable height of your fireplace mantel and enjoy the warmth given off by the fire codes fire grate in it. The fireplace mantel serves as a hood, capturing the smoke that rises above the fire grate. Depending on the depth of the fireplace, the mantel should be a minimum of 12 inches above the top of the firebox.

Mantel needs to be proportional to the room, or it will otherwise affect the room’s visual appeal. To improve the visual appeal of the space, the mantel should be proportional to the ceiling height.
By the way, if to speak about the satisfactory temperature in the house, it would be useful to read about how to block heat from windows.

How high is too high for a fireplace mantel

How high does a wood mantel need to be above a fireplace?

It varies by the width, the fireplace and ceiling height. The mantle must generally be a minimum height of 36 feet from the fireplace. But in some areas your ceiling could be even higher. Contact a professional for specific advice on the property.

How high should a fireplace mantel be off the ground?

This question is not completely answered, because the size of a fireplace or mantel can be very varied. Generally speaking, mantler should be about three-thirds taller than the opening for the fireplace. When an open fireplace has about 36 inches of height you would want it about 12. It helps produce balance and attractive visuals.

Pre-Installing and Mounting Tips

Preinstallation techniques must be considered before installation. Every day the government will have regulations for what they want done. If you mount flatscreen screens on mantles and fireplaces it should be inclined slightly upwards. So it improves viewing angles. It’s important to understand there’s no proper way of installing mantels, hanging the TV or painting on the mantels in the fireplace.

How high is too high for a fireplace mantel?

Depending on your ceiling height, fireplaces are usually between 42 and 75 few inches (ca. 2 m) high. Below are the typical mantels heights for ceiling heights between 10 – 20 feet (ca. 6 m).

How high should a mantle be with 8 ceilings?

If you have 8′ ceilings, a 42 × 43 inch (1.09 m) mantle should allow you to put artwork or mirrors above it. Depending on your ceiling height, you should consider using taller mantles, between 54″ and 54″, so that the fire codes are not too short on the wall.

What is the standard height of a fireplace from the floor?

A fireplace may be installed at any standard height if it meets the installation requirement. 40 to 42 few inches (1.07 m) are common heights between the floor and the bottom of the fireplace because of the view of them from the seated position. Other popular positions are located under a wall-hanging mounted television.

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