How to clean a window air conditioner

How to clean a window air conditioner without removing it: User Manual

Living in a hot climate in an apartment in one of the huge megacities, you will certainly resort to using a window air conditioner so that staying in the house is not so unbearable and gives you pleasure and not irritation.

Window ac unit is an indispensable fellow for all residents of megacities. Especially every day you will use it in the summer to saturate your apartment with at least a drop of coolness.

But here’s the bad luck. What should you do if you have a dirty window air conditioner? It is not an easy task to bring your ac at home. It is quite heavy.

It’s all right! There is an easy way you can remove debris and dirt from your ac. These methods allow you not to bring the device at home as well.

In our article, you will find a detailed tutorial on how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it!

What do you risk neglecting to clean the window air conditioner?

  • What do you risk neglecting to clean the window air conditioner

Firstly, everything that is in your house or is your property needs regular cleaning. The window ac unit is no exception.

However, it cannot be said that the window ac cleaning should be carried out only for aesthetic purposes.

Here are a few reasons why it is very important to regularly deep clean the window ac unit.

If you do not clean the air conditioner on time, then you will be haunted by the following problems:

  •  mold spores formation in a contaminated device (mold spores cause asthma, allergy problems, chronic cough, etc.);
  •  noisy operation of the AC due to dirt;
  • more electricity consumption because dirt prevents the AC from working easily and exerts more effort;
  •  it becomes difficult to breathe in the room;
  • with the dirty AC turned on, the room stinks and feels dusty, you also can smell mold;
  •  air conditioner will not work properly for as long as it should;
  •  technical problems arise quickly;
  • you can’t save money if you need to pay electricity bills or repair or buy a new window ac.
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Also, do not forget that it is necessary to clean the window air conditioners in the warm season. Think about it in advance because you don’t want to clean window ac in the cold.

! As with all AC units, you should make sure you book full maintenance of your window ac at least once a year.

 To prevent the appearance of mold, turn on the air conditioner every day for just a few minutes.

What do you risk neglecting to clean the window air conditioner

Consult the User Manual

It will be great if you find an owner’s manual for your AC since each AC needs an individual hike. If you don’t have it at home, then you can find the manual on the Internet by typing your AC model into the request.

What is the easiest way to clean a window ac?

 guide on the easiest way to clean a window AC unit

If you wonder how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it you are in the right place.

Here is the easiest way for you.

Tools you will need to Clean Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It

Here are some actions you should do to prepare thoroughly before cleaning your ac.

  1.  You should fill a large container or something like that with soapy warm water.
  2.  Take a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment
  3.  Old soft brushes which it is not a pity to use and then throw away
  4.  Clothes that are not a pity to use
  5.  Newspaper
  6.  A screwdriver
  7.  A place where you can assemble all the small parts and components so as not to lose them
  8.  Protective gloves
  9.  Fin comb for coils straightness
  10.  Compressed air

Steps How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It

Below is a detailed guide with a description of each step with which you will learn how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it.

1. Turn off the power to Clean the Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It

Turn off the power to Clean the Window Air Conditioner

We all know about the bad combination of water and electricity. As you will use a spray bottle this step is the most important. Using a spray bottle and touching the air conditioner at the same time you know what a deplorable outcome will be – an electric shock. Never forget about this step.

2. Get rid of the Front Panel of the Air Conditioner Unit. Bring the Filter inside your flat.

Get rid of the Front Panel of the Air Conditioner Unit

We recommend checking the filters every month. This will reliably protect you from polluted air in the house.

If you think that your ac unit has stopped working well, then of course you can resort to cleaning. Filters clog. So you can let it stay in soapy warm water. Then you let it completely dry and put it in place and everything will be OK.

Alternatively, you can rinse the filters underwater. There is also an option to use a vacuum hose to get rid of debris.

But there are also cases when it’s time to carry out a replacement. Pick the right size and model. It is very important to take into account all the details, as it simply may not be suitable.

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The air filter is the component that is directly responsible for the supply of clean air into the room. You may not have to change it so often, but we advise you to check this thing from time to time.

Some air conditioners have such a convenient function that they inform when the filter needs to be replaced.

3. Take the Front Panel Off the Air Conditioning Unit

step-by-step process of removing the front panel from a window air conditioner unit.

To remove the front panel, you will have to resort to using a screwdriver. Because you will remove this front panel, you will be able to see clearly the condensation drain and other removable parts.

Place all dirty components in prepared warm soapy water. It allows you to make them clean.

We can say that cleaning the drain pan is the most essential stage of cleaning because mold spores begin to appear from the water, which is most often in this pan.

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4. Window air conditioner components vacuuming and spraying

Window air conditioner components vacuuming and spraying

Users may wonder how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it. Everything is easy and simple.

To do this, you only need a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. So you will be able to vacuum the device and get rid of every speck of dust and debris.

After vacuuming, you will need to add some dish detergent to the water to get warm soapy water. With the help of this soap solution, you can wash and clean all the inside of the equipment.

We must not forget about the fins. Use a fin comb. This will help in cleaning, and also give confidence that they are straight.

5. Do not forget about Condenser Coils

Do not forget about Condenser Coils

There is a covering at the backside of the unit. You shouldn’t forget about its cleaning too. Firstly, you should get rid of it. Keep it somewhere for a while. Then you can see condenser coils underneath the covering.

Then you should spray warm water and dishwashing soap solution to clean them. After this let it air dry. That is an effective cleaning method.

On the other hand, sometimes people resort to using a hose, but we recommend relying on the first method because of its effectiveness.

6. Reassemble the Air Conditioner Unit

Reassemble the Air Conditioner Unit

Now it only remains to wait a few hours to make sure that all the parts are completely dry. Only then can you put them back together. Pay attention to drying, because otherwise, you risk becoming a victim of mold formed in your AC.

Is it OK to spray water on your window air conditioner?

Of course, it’s ok. However, do not forget to first clean the inside of the air conditioner with a dry method from dust and dirt, and only then proceed to spray. In fact, spraying is a useful thing for the operation of a condenser.

Can you use a hose to clean a window air conditioner?

You can clean the ac with a hose if you know how to do it properly. Also, do not forget that the pressure should not be too strong, so as not to damage the device.

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Can I spray bleach in my window air conditioner unit?

No, it can’t be used. It can be dangerous both for your health and for your ac health.

Pros you’ll get from Cleaning the Window Air Conditioner Unit

Now we can indicate what advantages you will get from cleaning your AC unit.

1. Importance of the clean air filter

A clean filter means that your health will be safe, the house will also be kept clean and the load will be removed from the air conditioner, which will allow it to work quieter and consume less energy.

2. Use a fin comb

After many cleanings, use the fin comb mentioned above and keep the cooling fins as straight as you can.

3. Preventing mold growth in the early stages

Have you noticed that there is a leak in your air conditioner? This is not good news. Leakage can contribute to the formation of mold, and also it is not very pleasant. Call a professional to sort out this problem.

Preventing mold growth in the early stages

When to Repair or Replace?

You can change your AC unit if it is already 8 or 10 years old. It will cost $150 or $1000 dollars.

Other Things to Consider

1. Before you put a unit, think about where you could place it so that it would be in the shade. This will protect the device from rust.

2. It is best to put your unit in the house for those seasons when you will not use it. This will prolong its service life and protect it from breakage.

3. Consider installing a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner. It will cost much less than the maintenance of the air conditioner.

4. It is not necessary not to pull the window unit out of the window. If it’s inconvenient, then pull it out and do everything the way you feel better.

When to Call a Professional

Please, if something doesn’t work out for you, choose a call to a service that will help you do everything professionally. It’s better to pay extra to the master than to buy a new air conditioner, isn’t it? Remember, a miser pays twice.

 professional service cleaning a window air conditioner

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Window air conditioners are a wonderful and useful thing in your home or apartment. Our health and mood depend on the normal conditions in which we are located. However, every window air conditioner unit needs careful maintenance.

We hope that after reading our article you will not have any doubts about how to clean a window air conditioner without removing it.

Check back soon for more guides like this!

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