How to clean matte paint walls? Easy Best Steps

How to Clean Matte Paint Walls Like a Pro

Matte paint walls have gained popularity in recent years due to their elegant and sophisticated appearance. Unlike other types of paint finishes, matte paint does not have a glossy or reflective sheen, which gives a smooth and velvety touch to the walls. How to clean matte paint walls?

However, cleaning matte paint walls requires special attention and care to preserve their beauty without causing any damage. In this article, I will share expert tips on how to effectively clean paint walls and maintain their allure for years to come.

Understanding the delicacy of matte paint walls

How to Clean Matte Paint Walls

Before diving into the cleaning process clean matte painted walls, it is important to understand the delicacy of paint walls. Unlike other finishes, matte paint is more prone to absorbing dirt, stains, and marks. It does not have the protective layer that glossy or semi-glossy paints offer, making it more susceptible to damage if not cleaned properly. Therefore, it is crucial to approach the cleaning of flat paint walls with caution and use appropriate techniques and materials to ensure their longevity.

Common mistakes to avoid when cleaning matte paint walls

Cleaning flat paint walls can be a tricky task, especially if you are unaware of the common mistakes to avoid. One of the biggest mistakes people make is using abrasive cleaners or scrub brushes, which can leave behind scratches or remove the paint’s finish. It is essential to opt for non-abrasive cleaning solutions and soft microfiber cloths to gently clean the matte-painted walls without causing any damage.

Another mistake to avoid is using excessive water or applying too much pressure while cleaning matte-painted walls. Paint walls are more susceptible to water damage, and excessive moisture can lead to streaks, water spots, or even peeling of the flat paint. Therefore, it is important to use minimal water and gently blot the walls instead of rubbing vigorously.

Lastly, avoid using chemical-based cleaners that contain harsh ingredients like ammonia or bleach. These chemicals can react with the paint and cause discoloration or fading. Stick to mild and natural cleaning solutions that are safe for paint walls with flat paint.

Essential tools and materials for cleaning matte paint walls

To effectively clean matte paint walls, you will need a few essential tools and materials. Firstly, invest in a soft microfiber cloth or sponge that is specifically designed for delicate surfaces clean flat paint walls. Avoid using rough materials like paper towels or abrasive sponges as they can damage the flat paint interior.


Next, gather a bucket of warm water, a mild dish soap, and white vinegar. These ingredients will serve as the base for your homemade cleaning solution. Additionally, have a spray bottle filled with clean water for rinsing the walls after cleaning.

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Lastly, a step ladder or a sturdy stool will be handy for reaching higher areas of the walls without straining yourself. Make sure to place a drop cloth or plastic sheet on the floor to protect it from any drips or spills.

Step-by-step guide how to clean matte paint walls

Now that you have the necessary tools cleaning supplies and materials, let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to cleaning matte paint walls effectively.

Preparing the Cleaning Solution

Making a clean method is an important step to creating a spotless entire wall. In this regard it is possible to use mild dish soap or special matt paint remover.

Here’s an easy recipe for creating your own matte cleaner:

  1. Make sure to fill one of the buckets that are clean with warm, distilled water.
  2. Include a couple of drops of gentle dish soap or the suggested amount of matt paint cleaner.
  3. The solution should be mixed gently until it forms a consistent mix.
  4. Testing the Cleaning Solution
  5. Before putting the cleaner for the entire wall it’s important to do the test on an unnoticed area. The test can help to determine if the solution will not negatively affect surface or cause any colour change. Use a tiny amount of cleaning solution onto the area of test with a soft cloth or soft sponge. Then, gently wipe the test area. After about a minute examine the area to make sure there aren’t any allergic reaction. If everything appears to be fine you can proceed.

Dust Gently


If you’re cleaning your entire wall, lightly clean smooth surface of it using a soft microfiber cloth. It will get rid of dust and dirt on the wall surface, which can damage flat or matte paints.

In removing scuff marks and stains take care while dusting your wall. Any slight pressure could cause the stain to spread. Instead, apply the microfiber damp cloth gently over the area of flat paint wall that is stained.

The microfiber material is likely to accumulate dirt and other debris It is best to avoid reuse.

Clean With Vinegar and Dish Soap


Dish soap and white vinegar are among the most efficient household cleaners. It is powerful enough to remove stains and dirt however it is not so strong as to damage the appearance of flat or matte paints. Dish soap can be effective against the majority of stains. It is resistant to oil, grease wax, as well as the majority of inks.

The trick to clean wall surfaces with matte paint finishes is to squeeze out the fabric as long as is possible. The vinegar will not end up staining the paint and infiltrating onto the wall.

In case of stains, you can add one cup of vinegar and only one drop of dish soap into an empty bowl. If you’re washing all surfaces of your walls you should use a minimum of 1 quart of vinegar as well as 2 to 3 drops of dish soap.

Or, if you want to, stir the ingredients until they are combined. After that, dip a new microfiber cloth into the mixture and squeeze the excess water out. Apply a gentle pressure to cleanse the wall. Make small sections and keep an eye out for any drips or streaks that may stain flat and matte finish.

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After you have cleaned the matte and flat paint off, place the microfiber towel aside and buy a new one. The microfiber cloth will not be at risk of vinegar will be spread on wall surfaces and could cause discoloration of the matte and flat coatings of paint.

Alternately, rinse it in a bathroom sink. Clean the cloth in warm water for at most five minutes. You can alternate between moistening the cloth with water and then drying it.

Rinse Flat Paint With Cool Water

After cleaning the painted wall flat clean the wall with clean and cool water, and then a microfiber towel. As with the other step, you need to wring the cloth until that it’s barely wet.

Apply only gentle pressure to clean away any soap or vinegar that remains flat paint walls. Keep wiping the walls with your damp towel until you’ve cleaned the entire space.

Scrub Stains With a Cleaning Eraser

If the stain is still there then gently touch up paint or clean the paint using a magic cleaning eraser. They are an extremely soft sponge which excels at taking stain off of various types of surfaces.

Use moderate pressure, and then check your stain often. Be careful not to do excessive scrubbing or too vigorously as this could cause damage to matte and flat paints. When the stain has disappeared clean the area using cold, fresh water.

Dry the Wall


Finally, you should use an incredibly dry, clean microfiber cloth to clean the surface of fresh paint on your wall. It will stop the water from getting soaked into the flat or matte paint that may cause discoloration to the wall.

Are There Other Materials That I Can Try

There are numerous methods which adults and children are able to ruin the walls of a home. Children always gravitate towards walls that are well-painted to draw on. Displaying their talent to your wall isn’t something you should do. But, there’s always an option to solve the issue. We’ll look for some possible solutions.

  • Toothpaste is an excellent solution and is a great option if you are using the non-gel type of toothpaste. Make use of a moist cloth and apply toothpaste over the mark. The toothpaste should rest for around an hour before using the rag or moist cloth to remove the marks.
  • You should not apply WD-40 directly to the walls. But, you can spray it onto an untidy paper towel, and then wipe away the crayon marks you can see. When the crayon has disappeared then use a clean cloth to clean any remains left by WD-40.
  • Cleansing eraser – Use these erasers which come with solutions for removing the marks on your walls. Try the process in a small amount initially to be sure that the paint does not just disappear. Some erasers are bleach-based which could harm the paint.
  • A blow dryer is a good option in certain instances, heating the area will allow it to be separated from the paint on the wall. Take a microfiber cloth or a paper towel, along with some soap to clean the marks.
  • Mayonnaise, believe that or not mayonnaise can be applied to the crayon marks and allowed to set for several minutes. The vinegar that is in the mayonnaise will react with your crayons and permit you to wash your crayon from the wall using a damp cloth or a rag.
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How to Remove Crayon From Flat Painted Walls

Children love drawing and color. Occasionally, their talents make it onto the walls. For those who want to remove gently scrub the marks of crayon away from the wall, do not fret, because there are several alternatives to get rid of it and clean your walls and clean.

  • Blow Dryer The marks will be heated up mark using a blow-dryer followed by the microfiber cloth or a newspaper towel with the scent of dish soap on the surface.
  • Cleaning Eraser Make use of a cleansing eraser and rub it lightly so that you don’t rub off paint. Try a test spot that is not obvious.
  • WD-40 Apply a small amount of WD-40 onto a towel or paper towel, and then remove the crayon marks. Once you have removed the crayon or marker, wipe the residue of oil of the surface.
  • MayonnaiseRub some mayonnaise on crayon lines and allow to rest for a couple of minutes and then clean it off using the help of a moist cloth.
  • Toothpaste This method can only be used with non-gel toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste to the marks and scrub it with the help of a scrub upholstery brush or rag and then apply a moist cloth to scrub the walls.


What can I use to clean matte paint?

Matt finish is more easy to wash and experts suggest using it to create one of the prettiest options for ceilings.

Is matte paint hard to clean walls?

Matte surfaces are less susceptible to scratching or stains, and so experts recommend using them as the ideal finish for paint in the ceiling, or in areas with low traffic to ensure that they are the most effective and efficient to keep.

Are matte walls easy to clean?

The flat painted walls are generally employed to provide the appearance of a matte. It is a matte paint, so stains loose dirt are able to be seen more clearly. While at it, the paints are extremely sensitive and need a gentle cleansing procedure.

Can I clean walls with a mop?

Although it’s not advised to clean walls with mops, there are alternatives that are more efficient and safe for walls. The majority of mop heads are made for cleaning floors but they may not offer the softness needed to clean walls. You should instead opt for the softest sponge, cloth or a microfiber mop to wash your walls using the proper cleaning methods that were mentioned previously.

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