How to Get Rid of Chipmunks in Garage: 9 Effective Ways

How to get rid of chipmunks in garage: Effective Ways

Chipmunks, with their charming stripes and lively antics, are a common sight in gardens and yards. Despite their adorable appearance, these small rodents can often be found making their homes in less ideal places like our garages. This might come as a surprise, but there are several species of chipmunks, and understanding which ones you might encounter can help in managing their presence effectively. How to get rid of chipmunks in garage?

One species of chipmunk that is commonly found in garages is the Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus). These chipmunks can be easily identified by their reddish-brown fur with black and white stripes running down their back. Eastern Chipmunks are known for their burrowing habits and can often be found digging tunnels in the dirt floors of garages.

How to get rid of chipmunks in garage
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Lastly, the Uinta Chipmunk (Tamias umbrinus) is another species that may be found in garages, particularly in areas of the western United States. These chipmunks have dark brown fur with light stripes running down their back and are known for their ability to climb. They may often be found in garages that have open gaps or cracks, as they are skilled climbers and can easily scale walls and shelves.

While chipmunks may all look similar, there are actually several species that can be found in garages. By observing their fur color, stripes, and nesting habits, you can identify whether you have an Eastern Chipmunk, Least Chipmunk, or Uinta one chipmunk taking up residence in your garage.

What Kind Of Chipmunk Might Be In My Garage?

Chipmunks are small, striped rodents that belong to the Sciuridae family. There are several different species of chipmunks found all over the world, known for their high energy levels and distinct behaviors.

Tamias striatus (Eastern Chipmunk)

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The Eastern Chipmunk is one of the most common species found in North America. It has a reddish-brown fur with five dark stripes running down its back. This species is known for its ability to store food in its cheek pouches and its elaborate burrow systems.

Tamias sibiricus (Siberian Chipmunk)

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The Siberian Chipmunk, also known as the Korean Chipmunk, is native to parts of Asia and has been introduced to Europe as well. This species has a grayish-brown fur with three dark stripes and a white belly. Siberian chipmunks are known for their adaptability and ability to survive in various environments.

Eutamias minimus (Least Chipmunk)

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The smallest species of chipmunk, the Least Chipmunk, is found in North America. It has a grayish-brown fur with five dark stripes and a white belly. Despite its small size, this species is known for its agile climbing abilities and its preference for rocky habitats.

Tamias palmeri (Palmer’s Chipmunk)

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Palmer’s Chipmunk is found in parts of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. It has a grayish-brown fur with five dark stripes and a reddish-brown belly. This species is known for its preference for arid habitats and its ability to survive in harsh desert environments.

Tamias rufus (Red-tailed Chipmunk)

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The Red-tailed Chipmunk is found in western North America. It has a reddish-brown fur with five dark stripes and a reddish-brown belly. This species is known for its long, bushy tail and its preference for coniferous forests.

Each species of chipmunk has its own unique characteristics and habitat preferences. Identifying the species of chipmunks found in garages can help in understanding their behavior and implementing appropriate management strategies.

What Attracts Chipmunks to the Garage?

Affecting the attention of rodents is not any challenging. As with all living creatures that they are, they will visit you seeking food, water and shelter. If they can find all of this on the same spot and with a good amount of likelihood, they’ll stay there for an extended period of time. Let’s take a close examine the kinds of things there are indoors as well as out in the open that may be a trigger for chipmunks.

  • The fruiting plant. If you grow plants, trees and other plants that produce sweet fruit, seeds and nuts, you’ll ensure that your plants will draw wild creatures.
  • Pests. Chipmunks are omnivorous species, which is why they don’t mind eating insects that are protein-rich. If you have a garage insect problem, rodents may create more problems.
  • Waste. Usually, these creatures are drawn to fresh, healthy food. If they don’t have any other choices for food, they will eat human food wastes that could be left behind or throw in your garage, or toss into a shut dumpster.
  • The water. All animals need regular access to drinking water. Do your pipes leak or is rainwater is accumulating within your basement? Make sure you are prepared for pests.
  • Shelter. Often garages are employed by property owners to serve as storage space for unwanted items. A heap of rubbish is perfect for chipmunks’ appearance. Though they prefer the outside, they might be observed inside chimneys, in vents, around heaters, as well as other heating equipments.

The most important thing you’ll need to do is leave your house unattended just a bit. The above points provide your garage with the perfect habitat for many kinds of insects.

Why Are Chipmunks Such a Problem?

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One might think due to their small size, they’re not an issue. You’d be wrong since they’re capable of causing far greater damage than their tiny dimensions suggests. What they will do on your backyard is create several burrows. They can destroy all your plants and cause many damages.

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Furthermore, should they are able to gain access to your home, they will easily make themselves comfortable inside the walls of your residence. If you do not act fast and swiftly, they can create a lot of trouble. If you’ve seen one, you’ll remember seeing the animal cramming its face with food. This is what they do when they’re trying to conserve food for winter.

In winter when they hibernate, the chipmunks are a favorite. They like digging deep tunnels, sleeping as well as eating the food they accumulate during summer. If you’re not careful and attentive, you may find chipmunk problem nest or caves under the ground of your home.

It’s because they are able to reproduce in a rapid rate. If it’s about reproducing, chipmunks can put rabbits in a position of shame. They’ll end up in your garage, and eventually the house’s construction before you even realize it. They’ll cause severe damage on the interior the gaps and cracks.

Chipmunks could be a danger to your vehicle as they’re warm which allows them to remain in the comfort of their homes. They can be seen chewing directly through cables. They are not averse to living in underground tunnels in the winter seasons. In the end they look for shelter above the earth where they can find warm.

Although you may not be aware of it that the engine is in a warm state for some time when you shut off the ignition before entering the home. This changes the vehicle to a gorgeous living area. Additionally, they love playing with wires every time they get the chance. It can help maintain their teeth in great condition, particularly when they grow older.

Additionally, they’re interested creatures and may want to examine a crack when they find cables dangling from your car’s undercarriage.

Keeping chipmunks can be a bother which is why it’s crucial to make sure you keep them away from your home through swift action. It is possible to eliminate the wild animals in your garage by using various methods. First, identify the cause of the issue.

So, let’s look at some of strategies you can use to chipmunk invasions.

Signs of a Chipmunk Infestation

A single chipmunk being seen within my home isn’t enough to declare the issue as an invasion. It is however an indication to be taken seriously. Also, look for the following warning signs:

The footprints of rodents’ paws are on the floor as well as other flat surfaces within the garage

  • Wires that have been gnawed, seals furniture and other soft items;
  • The lawn is sown with few small holes of the space adjacent to the garage
  • The bitterness of the fruits and vegetables is evident in the walnuts, and seeds
  • Rodents’ excrements;
  • Bird eggs bird feeders that are ruined.

Chipmunks are by their very nature of being solitary animals and do not dwell in large groups. If there are the right conditions within your garage or nearby area, then you’ll probably see more rodents. They’re active during the afternoon and in the evening. So when they are active, you may see them moving about or listen to their distinctive noise (or whistle) that they emit.

While experts generally consider chipmunks to be a moderate risk with minimal economic losses for farms with large populations however, they could cause substantial harm significant damage to smaller farms as well as people. Don’t let the issue develop and then hope it will get resolved in its own time. If you notice early signs of rodents, it is important to make steps to keep away the rodents and secure your house from their return.

Tips For Easy Chipmunk Removal

In the absence of employing a professional to help or the live trap (not suggested) The best way to get rid of chipmunks is to make them fearful out, or create a situation that is uncomfortable enough repel chipmunks to make them go away.

They’re very obstinate creatures which can be found within your walls, causing lots of problems to your house, which includes those that are in the garage. In order to get them out as fast as you can is going to save lots of energy and stress.

The main thing you need to be aware of regarding chipmunks is that in order to be arousing and cause the animals to leave their homes You must irritate the senses of multiple people. In simple terms, you need to annoy them by making an unpleasant smell, and the sound of a loud squeak and you’ll certainly scare some of killing chipmunks away.

Live Traps For Chipmunks

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It is strongly recommended that you eliminate chipmunks using repellents instead of humane methods of trapping the animals. Only professional trappers should keep chipmunks at your residence.

A live trap does not work for humans-friendly relocation of chipmunks. Chances of survival are extremely low for chipmunks, if they are released in a different location from the place you caught them.

This is also a dangerous option because it’s usually illegal to let wild animals roam in state, county, or federal property, based upon where you live.

Use Scents Chipmunks Hate

Chipmunks depend upon their smell to find numerous items, which is why their noses are extremely sensitive. Utilize powerful scents to help keep away your home’s garage. The most effective scents include caffeine, the cayenne pepper spray, Chili powders, medicated, the spray of urine, cinnamon as well as peppermint oil.

If you’re interested in learning more, you are able to learn more about scents chipmunks resent here. It’s a comprehensive analysis of the best ways to utilize these scents to deter chipmunks!

Make A Cayenne Pepper Chipmunk Repellent

There are a variety of spices that can be found that you can find in your kitchen cupboards that are effective in keeping the chipmunks out. This is an easy fast, efficient, and quick method to make chipmunks more irritable and keep them out of the garage.

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If you’ve ever smelled fresh spice, you’ll know how intense and acrid the smell is. Imagine how strong the smell is for the chipmunk! They don’t like strong scents and especially the smell of peppers.

The most potent ingredient for repelling chipmunks includes cayenne.

If you’re employing chili powder, apply it to the exterior of the garage. It’s important that you feel it upon entering into your garage, which is why you’ll use often.

An alternative method to eliminate the pesky critters is to create spray with 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper and 1 cup water. Feel free to increase the spice level to help strengthen the effect. Spray the spray around the garage and hit it along the edges of your shelves, and around the corners of your room as well as wherever you’ve seen the chipmunks.

Within a few days after a couple of days, you will notice that the chipmunks have gone. They will be enraged by the strong smells. the animals and eventually they’ll leave. But, there might be one or two stragglers and you should you should spray your garage once more for a couple of additional days in case you notice additional.

Use Spent Coffee Grounds To Repel Garage Chipmunks

The coffee grounds can be another excellent method to get rid of chipmunks thanks to their delicious aroma. They’re easy to utilize and could even provide for no cost. Many coffee grounds shops are willing to offer ground coffee used to anyone who asks So don’t hesitate to go there when you’re dealing with problems with your chipmunks.

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Use the coffee grounds to sprinkle them all over your garage in the same manner like you do spices. The more sharp the grounds, the more intense the impact.

If there are still chipmunks in the garage following the use of coffee grounds, apply it again in different locations where chipmunks might be. Look for crevices or holes deeper in your garage might have been a source of burrowing. There may be a need to store grounds of coffee grounds on a shelf in the area of the opening, or else areas off of the floor.

Cinnamon, Peppermint, And Citrus Repel Garage Chipmunks

The concentrated oils of peppermint, cinnamon, as well as citrus, are highly powerful against chipmunks since they’re extremely potent.

The peppermint oil, specifically can be very beneficial for various pests, such as spiders and snakes. So it’s a good idea to keep around the home.

For concentrated oil that can be used to get rid of chipmunks and other insects, put two drops of the oil per cup of water to spray bottles. . Spray bottle of the solution across the entire perimeter of your garage, particularly around cracks or holes, similar to what you do with your spices.

It is also possible to purchase an insect repellent such as Mighty Mint’s Rodent Spray which is made from peppermint oil. It smells pleasant and non-toxic, which means you can put it on your car as well as on shelves, walls or any other area of your garage that chipmunks might be.

It’s a great idea to apply these oil around the exterior and the inside of your garage specifically your landscaping around the garage. It will stop chipmunks out of thinking about making your garage home.

Chipmunk Repellent To The Rescue!

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The concentrated oils of peppermint oil, cinnamon and citrus can be extremely powerful against chipmunks since they’re extremely potent.

Repellent is the best solution to rid yourself of attract chipmunks since they’re specifically designed to produce smells that which attract chipmunks to hate.

If you’re using an repellent to protect your garage, you must pick one that’s safe as it is going to be sprayed within a closed area. Be aware of this when you select the repellent.

Spray the repellent spray around the edges as well as the entrance of your garage, particularly close to your vehicle, as chipmunks are much more likely to choose this area as their residence. Wherever you’ve observed chipmunk burrow activities spray bottle the area. Of course, examine the labels on your repellent to ensure that you are spraying the right places and what areas to stay clear of.

Certain repellents are available in the form of pellets that is able to be placed on the same areas as you would spray bottle.

Use a Cat Litter

Another method to get rid of chipmunks can be making use of litter for cats. They’re terrified of cats, so they prefer to stay at a safe away from them. Chipmunks are a target for numerous predators such as coyotes, foxes, cats, and owl. They, due to their nature, are inclined to escape whenever they sense their surroundings.

You can utilize urinary pellets of a coyote and an opossum if you’ve some on hand. If you have a cat living at home can appreciate this method as simple. The simple act of leaving your cat’s litter tray bowl in your garage for a couple of days, particularly when there’s any remnants that could cause the cat litter to run away.

Mothballs also serve as excellent deterrents for preventing chipmunks. They are irritated by the smell, and they’ll soon realize that the garage’s not the pleasant place they thought it would be.

Many pet owners feel nervous about putting mothballs onto the flooring. However, they will stay out of the reach of your pet if you store the mothballs in a container that has only a couple of tiny holes. There will be a smell that lingers in your garage. That is exactly what you require for the chipmunks to run off from the garage.

In addition, it is possible to find a range of methods to naturally eliminate chipmunks in your garage. There are a few basic solutions you could attempt to discover a low-cost solution for this issue and you don’t need to shell out an enormous amount of cash dealing the problem.

Catch chipmunks

Additionally, if you want to use rodent repellents it is also possible to install living traps within areas where chipmunks could wander around in the course of the daylight hours. It’s not a crime to catch wild animals while they are living in boxes or cages. Once you have trapped the animal then take it outside and let it go. Use this method in conjunction with others described methods and clean the garage of rid of any pest control.

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Try Juicy Fruit Gum

Juicy Fruit Gum, which is readily available in almost every market, can be utilized to chase chipmunks off. Its scent draws them in, however, the gum can clog their digestive system and cause them to starve.

It’s a good idea by placing a couple of wrapped Juicy Fruit gum sticks near their nest in the vicinity of the garage. But, it’s something that is complicated and should stay clear of.

If it is necessary make use of it, do so in the last instance. Additionally, know that different individuals have different opinions about the method. Certain people believe that Juicy Fruit is effective, but others think it’s not effective in removing chipmunks. The best approach is to use strategies that don’t require any effort since they’re most efficient.

How to get rid of chipmunks in garage From Coming Back To Your Garage

When you’ve got rid of those pesky creatures and critters, you’ll want to do all you can to stop them from being able to return. In reality, there are a variety of methods to prevent the return of these animals naturally and effectively.

Clean Up Your Garage

How to get rid of chipmunks in garage? It is the first step in avoiding Chipmunks from invading your home. There is more clutter, which means there’s more space for chipmunks to play and keep their food. This is especially the case for the garage because it’s their space with the best access to.

Get rid of any mess as they may utilize it as an ideal nesting spot. Make sure that your trash bins are completely covered.

Don’t feed your pet inside the garage. If you decide to do so, clean all food residues immediately following the meal and store their food in a sealed container. Don’t leave food for your pet inside the container.

Prep Your Yard

If you’re trying to keep the chipmunks away from your garage, you should also ensure they are not in your backyard, as they are able to cause major damage in the yard too.

In order to keep them out of your backyard, you will as well keep them out of your garage. However, that is only true when your garage is secured as well.

First, protect your garden and flowerbeds. This is the ideal habitat for chipmunk nests. Put a piece of hardware cloth under flowers to prevent their burrows from taking them in. If it’s not possible to accomplish this make a trench in the flowerbed, which is six” deep. Put the cloth in over the trench and put the soil over it, creating the fence.

Then, secure the flowerbeds and your garden by installing wire mesh over and surrounding the plants. Create a doorway for you to walk in to take care of the plants, yet make sure it is completely covered. This can help keep away not just chipmunks, but bird feeder numerous other curious creatures as well such as deer and bird feeders.

Seal Out Chipmunks eat

Every opening in your house can lead to the garage as chipmunks could traverse behind walls. Chipmunks must be kept out from all points of entry into the dwelling.

Cover the holes in line up cooling lines, gas cables, and lines by caulking them or using a 1/4″ wire that is welded Also, protect your dryer’s vent with a vent cap, such as that of bloodoget louvered exhaust Vent Cover for Dryers.

Check your garage for holes. Make sure to seal them by using caulking, or wire mesh too. The fewer openings for your garage lower chance that chipmunks will find their entrance into your garage. Inspect your garage for other pests; if there are bees, follow the recommendations for combating them and how to keep bees away.


Beware of the chipmunks’ adorableness. They’re real killers that could also cause serious illnesses. They are, however, quite timid creatures. You can ward them off using homemade natural remedies you can build yourself or make using chemicals that are already made. Of course, the most important thing to do in order to get rid of rodents for good is to keep your garage in order and the area around it.


How do you get rid of chipmunks fast?

Do you know the most humane method to get rid of chipmunks? Remove foods if necessary. Imagine ultra-high-speed deterrents. Be sure all plants are secure. You can find a different method of keeping the logs. Make sure the area is neat and tidy. Be sure to keep the yard free of sunflower seeds. Consider the insect repellent which doesn’t cause harm to rodents.

What do chipmunks hate the most?

Chipmunks tend to emit a foul odor. The smell of humans can cause the animals to scatter, hence spreading hair clippings throughout the yard to act as a deterrent. Many people are even uncomfortable with the smells of peppermint oil the eucalyptus scent, garlic, and cinnamon.

What makes chipmunks go away?

Make sure to bring a “predator”: A decoy is an owl that can keep chipmunks away from your home. It is also possible to find spraying chemicals that contain trace elements of predators, such as the red fox or cat litter. The scent will entice chipmunks to stay away if the scent isn’t enough to stop them fleeing.

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