how to get rid of weevils in my bedroom

Solutions To The Problem How To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom

If you happen to live in your own house, you may have once noticed some small insects or bugs in the bedroom. In fact, weevils are quite widely spread pests, which are little enough to get to your house in your groceries or through the smallest hole in the door.

If you see that they have invaded your home and the only question in your head is “How to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?”, this article is for you. We have collected a lot of information concerning weevils, what they are attracted to and what you can do to remove them from your house.

Weevils happen to be a kind of little beetle. They prefer living in houses or some other buildings and eat starches and grains. Below you can see the list of steps which you can take in order to get rid of weevils from your bedroom:

  • You should clean and remove any food source in your bedroom which can attract weevils;
  • It’s recommended to check whether there are also any weevil infestations in other rooms, especially kitchen;
  • You can choose to apply some traps as well as pesticides;
  • As a precaution you can use some weevil deterrents.

However, we suggest that knowing these steps is not enough and you should also get acquainted with some other information concerning weevils, such as what they are particularly and what attracts them to your house, what time of the day you can notice them. Of course, you will find all this knowledge below. We hope that this article will be extremely helpful for you!

What Are Weevils


This kind of insects is popular for the elongated snout and are also called four bugs. Their lifespan starts in a grain and they eat their way outside. By the moment they leave their grain they become completely mature and continue eating grains which are around.

Weevils can be often noticed near dry grains including rice, seed, beans, so if you are not sure whether there are any weevils in your house, you should check the place where you keep these products at home.

Weevils, as we have already mentioned earlier, are a little kind of beetle, and it’s estimated that they include more than 60,000 species registered, so you have little or even no chance to find out which particular type of weevils has invaded your house. But the most important thing is that the species of weevils isn’t essential to know since the process of getting rid of them is equal for any species.

What else weevils do is that they contaminate the nearby environment with their eggs and shells. In addition to this, they lay hundreds and hundreds of eggs, and their quantity rises very quickly. Therefore, a couple of weevils can easily turn into a massive weevil infestation.

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The Appearance Of Weevils


Weevils are little bugs of about 3 mm long, which is close to the size of a rice grain. As for the color, they are usually reddish or brown.

How To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom: Step-By-Step Procedure


As you already know what weevils look like, we can go on to the steps on how to remove them from your home for good. These steps will  answer your question “How to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?”

The First Step – To Get Rid Of Food Sources Attractive For Weevils


In fact, it doesn’t happen very often that weevils invade bedrooms. But the thing which we should always keep in mind is that weevils choose the attractive food source to live inside and lay eggs there, so if you leave your snacks in your bedroom, they can get attracted to it.

Therefore, the first step you should do is to do the cleaning of the room and get rid of any potential food sources for weevil infestation. You can remove them and then vacuum and wash the floor in the entire bedroom. But to clean your bedroom from food is not enough -don’t forget to remove all the dirty sheets and bedding and wash them accurately.

What Attracts Weevils


As we have already discussed, weevils get attracted to grains, which include rice, beans, seeds and maize. In other words, you should avoid bringing and keeping these products in your bedroom. In addition to this, it’s better not to bring any food to your bedroom up to the moment you are sure that all the weevils have gone away.

The Second Step – To Examine The Kitchen And Check For Weevil Infestations


However, it usually happens that cleaning your bedroom won’t be the final solution. Usually weevils come to bedrooms through some type of packaged food items, so it’s likely that you will find their food source in the kitchen as well. Compared to the bedroom, your kitchen will need a more thorough investigation and cleaning.

First of all, you should get rid of all the packaged food items which definitely have weevil infestation and put them into trash. You shouldn’t wait to bag all this trash up and remove it from your house so that weevils can’t get back in.

Then you have to vacuum and wipe down all the cabinets with warm soapy water, some bleach-water solvent or vinegar mixed with water, and be sure that you have removed all the flour particles or crumbs so that weevils don’t have anything they can use as a food source.

The Third Step – To Apply Traps And Pesticides


Below you will find several types of available pesticides and traps which can be effectively implemented against weevil infestations.

Diatomaceous Earth

diatomaceous earth

This solution is effective in deterring and killing weevils. All you need to do is to dust this earth around the edge of your kitchen, the carpet in your bedroom or any other area where you have previously noticed weevils. You need to leave it for several days and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove it.

A wonderful thing is that diatomaceous earth is fully hazardless for children or domestic animals, so they are a perfect alternative for some more aggressive pesticides. Some other mixtures which work as a weevil insecticide and are safe to people and pets are boric acid and flour mixture and vinegar and eucalyptus oil combination.

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If you have fully cleaned your house and still notice some weevils, you can implement some pesticide, for example, D-Force, which is specially designed to work against insects including weevils. To use the insecticide as efficiently and at the same time safely as possible you are recommended to read and follow the producer’s instructions.

Glue Traps


If you don’t want to use aggressive chemicals in your house, you should think of pantry glue traps. This happens to be a good option even if you have already removed all weevils from your house. If you put these glue traps around your house, they will manage to inform you rapidly if weevils happen to return back and invade your house.

The Fourth Step – To Implement Weevil Deterrents


When you have removed all weevils from your bedroom and other rooms, you can do some things to prevent their coming back. Below you will find a couple of available options.

Freezing Dry Products

dried fruits

A wonderful solution to stop weevils from getting to your house is to freeze dry products for four or five days before putting them onto their usual place. This activity kills all ages of weevil bugs if they are in these products.

Using Airtight Containers


If your food hasn’t been opened, you shouldn’t be sure that weevils can’t get to it. In fact, they can chew the way through the package and lay eggs there. Therefore, the best solution is to get rid of standard packages of dry products and put them into airtight containers which are really safe from weevils. In fact, airtight containers provide not only safety, but also convenience of using food from them.

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves

Actually, such leaves happen to be a weevil natural deterrent. The good idea is to put several dry bay leaves in your rooms or pantry or crush them to pieces and dust them around. A wonderful thing is that bay leaves work not only against weevils but against other pantry insects as well.

To Examine The Groceries


Of course, it’s highly recommended to check whether there are any weevils in your just bought groceries before they will have the opportunity to spread on other dry products. So, you should check them and only then put them in their usual storage place.

Useful Tips: How To Get Rid Of Weevils In My Bedroom

In this video you will learn how to get rid of weevil Infestations. You will find a lot of information about this.

What Else You Should Know About Weevils


Below we would like to cover some more information concerning weevils and their lifespan.If you want to have the answer to the question “How to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?”, it’s essential to know the following features as well.

Are Weevils Active At Night?


In fact, weevils can be active when it’s dark as they are usually noticed in dark rooms and pantries, but we can’t make a conclusion that they go out only at night. Root weevils, which are a weevil species which is dangerous for yards and gardens, are active only at night. Other types of weevils, however, prefer living near flour or some grains which are usually kept in the darkness, so we can notice weevils any time of the day.

Another thing which we need to remember is that if you notice weevils in the bedroom at night, you should make sure that there are weevils and not bed bugs, which are usually seen at night.

Can Weevils Bite People?


We all should remember that, happily, weevils aren’t hazardous to people and don’t bite them or their domestic animals. When you know it, you should understand that if you feel that something has definitely bit you, it can’t be a weevil but one of several biting insects such as bedbugs or fleas.

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However, the threat that weevils pose to people is that they can be eaten as they spend their lives in grains. But even if you have eaten them, you shouldn’t worry since they won’t do any harm to you.

In Closing


We have to mention that weevils can be annoying, but they can’t do any harm to people. However, it’s better to get rid of them, for which you can use the step-by-step procedure covered in the article above. As you can see, getting rid of weevil infestations from dry foods isn’t very easy.

Even if you don’t have obvious weevil infestations, don’t avoid cleaning your rooms and kitchen regularly so that you can see there are no weevils and any other insects. For example, you can find ants in the kitchen and you also need to get rid of them urgently.

We hope that this article will be extremely useful and you will be able to enjoy living in your house without any uncomfortable weevil infestations. But don’t worry if you have implemented all the ways mentioned above including getting rid of all the infested dry foods and can’t get rid of weevils completely.

It means that the infestation is too big and you can’t deal with it yourself. The solution to this situation is to call a pest control professional.

Why is it a good idea to call a pest control service? It’s so because they acquire the needed instruments, knowledge, skills and experience to get rid of an annoying infestation.

Such pest control service is especially useful if you have a large area of land, if you do some farming or store huge amounts of grains in your area. In such conditions weevil infestations can easily get out of control, therefore, you will need to call professionals.

You may also be interested in the reasons for the appearance of termites in the attic and other areas of a residential building, then check out the detailed guide on how to get termites in attic.

Anyway, we hope that you have learned all the needed information and know the answer to the question “How to get rid of weevils in my bedroom?” and you will be able to get rid of weevils as well as any other types of insects which bother you one way or another and enjoy living in your house without any insect issues.

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