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How To Measure Pool Table: Useful Tips And Features

There can be several reasons why people need to be aware of how to measure pool table. For instance, you are planning to refelt the table, to buy a table cover, or you are going to buy the table and need to know whether it can fit the room you are going to place it in. And, of course, you may just want to move your own table to another room of your house. Apart from understanding how big the pool table is, it’s necessary to see whether there will be enough space around the table for convenient moving and playing around.

We are going to cover these reasons since they require little bit different procedures of measurement. However, it doesn’t really matter which aim you want to achieve when measuring your pool table size, to measure a pool table is actually not very difficult. In fact, you will need just a couple of instruments and the knowledge how to take the measurements correctly.

The most widely spread situation is that people need to know if there is enough space for a snooker or pool table in their intended cabinet. It’s essential to find it out so that you can see what size table you need for your room or whether a particular table can be comfortable for use in some certain space.

Of course, it’s highly essential to take measurements correctly as it will save you time, effort, and money.

This article will give you all the needed information concerning what you should do to measure a pool table correctly and what features you should take into consideration. In addition to this, you will get to know how you should choose the correct size of felt for the snooker table.

What Instruments Are Necessary For Taking Precise Pool Table Measurements

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First of all, let’s list all the things that you need or may need in case you are going to measure a pool table. You need to check the instruments before you start measuring, otherwise, the procedure can become rather challenging and confusing.

The set of the needed instruments depends on your goal. If you just want to measure a pool table without any additional tasks, the only thing you need is a measuring tape. But if you would like to know whether there is enough space for a table in your apartment or house or you are going to refelt it, then you need some more instruments. However, pool tables don’t need many measurement instruments.

Below there is a full list of tools which will be handy in measuring a pool table:

  • a measuring tape;
  • a calculator;
  • the dimensions of the playfield of your pool table (in case you need to buy a cover or a felt.

How To Measure A Pool Table

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The thing which you have to keep in mind before you start the measuring procedure is that the length of the table is always twice bigger than the table’s width. For example, if we look at a 12-foot pool table, it’s length will be 140”, while the width happens to be 70”, and the same will be for any size of the table.

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And again we would like to mention that it’s vital to know how to take correct pool table measurements in any case concerning your table.

The main rule of measuring pool tables is that you need to take measurements from the rail cushion apex to the opposite cushion. Under no circumstances should you take measurements under the cushion. Measurements should be taken with a tape – it’s enough to measure the length and make it twice less to understand its breadth.

By doing these measurements you will get to know the table playing surface. If you want to be sure, of course, you can measure all sides of the table to keep your nerves still. Again, the table width is always twice less than its length according to the requirements of the World Pool Association.

And that’s it. You can see from the information presented above that the procedure is really short and simple if you know how to deal with it.

However, you may be concerned about why we have to measure the distance between the table cushions but not between the edges of the table.

The answer is that the size of the playfield is regulated by the standards for pool and snooker tables, while the producers of such tables can use various sizes of rails, which affects the sizes of the whole table.

One more interesting fact is that in the world there have been only four standard pool table sizes which we will cover below. Again, the length is always twice bigger than the width.

Standard Pool Table Sizes
Size in foot Size in cm Size in inches Names
9 foot 254cm x 127cm 100” x 50” Regulation, or tournament size table
8 foot + 233.7cm x 116.8cm 92” x 46” Pro8
8 foot 223.5cm x 111.8cm 88” x 44” Standard home table
7 foot 188-198.1cm x 94-99.1cm 74-78” x 37-39” Bar box

What else do we know about different pool table sizes?

  • The first mentioned 9-foot table happens to be the most widely used size which is usually used in professional tournaments and competitions all over the world.
  • The Pro8, or 8-foot table plus, on the opposite, is rarely used nowadays and is sometimes met in old club houses;
  • The 8-foot table, also known as the standard home table, as we can see from its name, is the most widely used type at home.

What Else You Should Remember About Taking Measurements

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Again, we need to always remember that we measure the playfield surface but not the size from one edge to another. The rails can have different dimensions while the size of the playfield is always one of the standard types.

Moreover, you should measure the highest part of the table to get the correct measurements. To measure your pool table correctly you will need the most accurate measurements.

When we know the dimensions of the playfield, we can make clear such things as the size of the table itself, the size of the cover which is suitable for a particular pool table, the size of the felt, and last but not least is the size of the space where you can put this table.

How A Snooker Table Is Measured

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While pool tables have 4 standard sizes all over the world, a snooker table has only one typical size, which is 12ft long and 6ft wide.

Although you know the standard size, you still may want to take the table measurements. Don’t forget that the measurements are taken from the cushion to the opposite one but not from one edge to another.

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As for the sizes of the standard snooker table, its length is 132 inches, while the width is 66 inches.


How To Take The Pool Tables Measurements For Felt

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If you already acquired a snooker or pool table and consider which felt you need to buy or how you can re-felt the table, first of all, you have to measure the table. That is the way you can understand which felt you should seek. When you know the pool table size, you need to add 5 inches to the dimensions.

Why do we need some extra length?

This length will help to cover any possible scratches or marks that could have been made during measurements, installation or cutting.

If you are not sure whether you can do the re-felting yourself, a wonderful idea is to call for some professional help. That’s the way to reassure that everything will be done correctly.

In fact, there has been developed a standard chart where you can see which size of felt you need for a particular size of the table.

Below you can see this table:

Measurements of the pool table The needed size of felt
78 x 39 inches 7 ft
88 x 44 inches 8 ft
92 x 46 inches 8 ft+
100 x 50 inches 9 ft
112 x 56 inches 10 ft
132 x 66 inches 12 ft

You should also keep in mind that when you make an order of the felt for the pool table, you should be sure that you will receive it with some felt for the pool table rails as well, so the rails don’t have to be measured.

How To Take Pool Table Measurements For A Table Cover

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If you want to keep your snooker or pool table safe from different things, you can get a special cover for a pool table. Why is it important? Using a table cover will make the life of the felt and the pool table itself longer and will allow you to play on it comfortably as many years as possible.

How do we measure pool tables for buying or creating a cover?

The procedure stays the same, so you need to take a measuring tape and take measurements from one rail cushion apex to the opposite one. Don’t forget to choose measurements in inches. Again we would like to mention that the table width is twice less than its length, so you need, in fact, to do only one measurement and from it you can get the other needed figures.

If you would like to make your life easier and don’t search for the needed size of the cover, you can use the table concerning the size of the felt presented above. The sizes of the cover will be the same as the felt sizes, so you don’t need to think of any other table but you can use one for both of these needs.

How To Take The Measurements Of A Snooker Table For A New House

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One of the most often met reasons why we need to measure the size of the pool table is that you need to decide how you will transfer the table and if it will have enough space in your new house and allow you and other residents of the house to apply it conveniently.

If you aren’t aware how you can move your table, it’s highly recommended for you to search for some particular information on the Internet so that you won’t damage your pool table while moving it.

People should be really careful when they think of moving their pool table since it’s vital to know the dimensions of this piece of furniture.

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And, as always, we take the tape measure and take the measurements from one nose of the cushion to another one.

When you have the size of the pool table measured, you need to examine the new place where you table will be and decide whether the table will fit in and if there will be enough space around the table to move freely and comfortably while playing.

How To Measure The Height Of The Pool Table

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We already know how to measure the playing surface of the pool or snooker table, but you might also want to know how to determine the height of the table. As well as for pool table playing surface sizes, professional pool and billiard associations and organizations have recommendations concerning the possible height of tables. According to the World Pool-Billiard Association, the height of a pool table should vary between 29 ¼ and 31 inches.

To measure the height we take the distance from the floor to the highest point of the playing surface but not to the highest stop of the cushions or the rails. Actually measuring the height is not very simple and you have two main ways: to use your eyeballs or to do some maths.

The eyeball method stands for the procedure when you get a measuring tape, put its end onto the floor, and take measurements from it to the outer side of the table approximately to the spot where the playing surface is. You should try your best and get as accurate figures as possible.

The second method needs you to measure two dimensions. First of all, you have to measure the distance between the highest point of the playing surface to the highest spot of the table railing. The second measurement you need to get is the distance from the floor to the highest spot of the railing. Then you have to take the first figure out of the second one, and as a result, you will get the height of your table.

In Closing How To Measure Pool Table

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Again we would like to note that it’s essential to be acquainted with the way to measure a pool or snooker table. This can be important if you are planning to buy a new table for your home or move your table to another spot and you need to know whether there is enough space for it in a certain cabinet. Moreover, sometimes we need to get a new felt for re-felting or a table cover for the pool table protection.

It’s essential to cover a table if you want to use it as long as possible, and, besides, re-felting also prolongs the lifespan of your pool or snooker table.

We have covered all the instruments which can be necessary in the process of taking measurements, but the only tool without which you can’t deal with this task is a measuring tape. Don’t forget to take the needed measurements in inches and according to the rules of measuring mentioned above so that you won’t have any problems further. We hope that this article will be really helpful and you will be able to measure your pool table with no issues and with comfort. Take care of your table and enjoy playing for years!

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