How to self clean Samsung washer

How to self clean Samsung washer?Useful tips on how to extend the life of your washing machine

Did you know that any model washer needs to be cleaned periodically? Even though this equipment is designed to make your clothes clean, the washing machine itself can also be dirty from the inside. And so you ask, how then to clean the washing machine drum efficiently and safely? We are in a hurry to please the owners of the Samsung washer! Samsung washing machine models have a self clean function, which greatly facilitates the task. So, in this article, we will tell how to self clean Samsung washer.

What does the Samsung washer self clean function mean?

In the daily life of a person who lives in a huge metropolis in which life boils every day and you need to hurry somewhere, there is almost no time for ordinary everyday activities.

For example, now almost everyone has washing machines. This is convenient, you do not have to spend a lot of time and energy washing your clothes, because a machine that was specially designed for this purpose does all this for you.

Many people have Samsung washing machines. This is a good brand that has become quite popular. Many people appreciated this brand of washers. They are not only functional and convenient but also designed to make the user as comfortable as possible to use the washer.

For example, they have a self clean function. You may ask what does this mean? Everything is simple. This is a function that allows the user to clean the drum of his washer quickly efficiently and without spending a lot of water on this process.

What can I get by running self clean cycle?

You don’t have to climb into your drum and manually clean it. Firstly, you cannot be convinced that you will clean your washer effectively, and secondly, it is unpleasant when you stand in an incomprehensible position for about an hour or two cleaning the dirt from your drum. Thirdly, you can use cleaning products such as bleach or vinegar, and they can damage your washer and make it unusable.

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These reasons may convince you that you should resort to using the self clean feature because then you will be 100% sure that your washer is well cleaned and has not been damaged during this process.

How a Samsung washing machine self clean function works?

The self clean cycle mode helps users to clean their washers inside effectively and quickly.

The self clean cycle function of the drum does not require the addition of any cleaning and disinfecting agents, the machine cleans everything independently at high degrees and revolutions. This allows disinfection inside the device, removing scale, mold, and unpleasant odors.

The program of the drum makes it possible not only to maintain hygiene inside the device but also significantly prolongs the performance of the unit. In addition, by regularly cleaning the washer, you will save electricity, because the electric heater is also cleaned of plaque stuck to it, and, consequently, heats the water much faster and more efficiently.

How long does it take for a washer to self clean?

First, pay attention to whether you have a top-load model washer or a front-load model washer. A washer takes to self-clean normal cycle:

  • For top load washer – 1 hour
  • For front load washers – 4 hours

 Samsung washer

Unfortunately, not all Samsung models have a self-cleaning function and therefore some owners of washing machines will have to take special cleaning products and clean their Samsung washers in another way.

Is Samsung self clean really effective?

Yes, we can confidently say that the Samsung self-cleaning function works well. Unlike manual cleaning self-clean function cleans dirt thoroughly from the washer’s drum. It is very convenient, easy, and also effective.

Why use self clean?

Here are a few reasons that you will want to start using self cleaning cycle right away:

  • you save time you save your energy
  •  you are sure that you have not damaged the washer
  •  you are sure that the machine is well cleaned by the deep clean
  •  there is no problem of washing machine smells like a rotten egg
  •  your clothes will not be in residual chemicals and washing powder
  •  you do not have to touch cleaning chemicals once again
  •  the washer is cleaned easily
  •  the washer is cleaned quickly
  •  the washer is cleaned efficiently
  •  no need to contact Samsung support
  •  if your washer breaks it will not be your fault because you clean it as Samsung recommends
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We believe we have assured you that you need to start using self-clean function. Samsung provides maintenance tips for its washers in this Samsung washer maintenance video.

Can I Just Use Vinegar?

How to self clean Samsung washer

No, in fact, you better not choose vinegar, liquid bleach, and baking soda in order to clean your washing machine. As we have already said, this may damage some components of your washing machine or even break it. Run the self-clean cycle and be sure your washer is safe.

Samsung front-load washer smells bad? Here’s how to clean it

How to self clean Samsung washer

Samsung Front Load washer usually begins to smell bad if moisture, dirt, hair, and soapsuds mixes in the interior walls, gasket, and filter, and then mold and mildew appear there.

Here you can find out how to unclog toilet and bathtub drain.

How to run self clean cycle in Samsung washers

How to self clean Samsung washer

Obviously, as a washer tub is the main part of all Samsung washers it works longer and takes much more dirt on itself. A bad odor usually appears in it. To get rid of it try to run the self-cleaning cycle.

  1. Check the washer tub. It should be free of clothes and moisture.
  2. Take some liquid chlorine bleach. You should fill the detergent compartment to fill the line with this substance.
  3. Make sure the door of the washer is well closed.
  4. Press Power Button – Self Clean Button/ Self Clean+ button (also called Pure Cycle). It may differ by the different model washer.
  5. Press the Start Button.
  6. Wait until the process is finished.
  7. Use paper towels. They can help you to make the washer tub dry.
  8. It may be necessary to perform an Additional Rinse Cycle + Spin Cycle.
  9. You should repeat all the actions if you have noticed there is still mold and mildew.
  10. Do not forget to leave the washer’s door open after all the actions are finished.

self clean Samsung washer

How to clean the washer pump filter

A pump filter is a tool that prevents debris from getting into the washer’s drain system. Clean the pump filter thoroughly to get rid of the bad odor in your Samsung front load washer.

  1. Find the pump filter access panel.
  2. Then it is necessary to open the panel. To do this press the cover.
  3. Take a towel and a shallow drain. They should be placed under the drain hose.
  4. Perform drain hose cap twisting.
  5. Twist counterclockwise. It will help to remove the pump filter.
  6. Take a toothbrush. It will help you to clean your pump filter. Rinse it under warm water.
  7. Twist clockwise again to put all in place as it was earlier.
  8. Put the rest of the things in their places.
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How to self clean Samsung washer

How to clean front load washer gasket

The gasket can be an insidious trap. You may not even notice how much garbage can form there and a strange smell will appear.

  1. Carefully remove the gasket and clean it from all impurities.
  2. A mild detergent can help you to get rid of visible mold and mildew and any dirt buildup.
  3. Dip the toothbrush into the bleach. Use it for cleaning and scrubbing the tool.

self clean Samsung washer

Prevention of the appearance of a front load unpleasant odor

First, notice that using self clean features and performing these procedures should be done at least every month to prevent Samsung front load washer odor.

Remember to take the damp cloth from the washer after each wash cycle.

Detergent residue build-up because users add detergent too much. Do not do this. Otherwise, you will only stimulate mildew growth.

Do not forget to leave the door open after the wash cycle.

Additionally, try to use warm or hot water when washing your clothes. It will be a good addition if you always use cold water and also it will help to melt some “frozen” chemicals.

Clean the detergent drawer as well periodically.

How to self clean Samsung washer

What can you put in a washing machine to self clean?

You can add some detergent into the detergent drawer when you run a self clean cycle. Also when starting self-clean cycle add some detergent right in the drum. Run the Self Clean cycle with liquid chlorine bleach added into the detergent container (not the bleach container). Check the odor has gone when the Self-Clean cycle has finished.

Here is a complete how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets?

self clean Samsung washer

Final words, how to self clean Samsung washer.

Now you know how to self clean Samsung washer. We hope our article was useful for you. If you still have questions about cleaning the Samsung washing machine, you can contact the service center. Also do not forget that the washing machine cleaning procedure should not be ignored, but on the contrary, it should become a habit for you. Why Samsung dishwasher blinking normal light?

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