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Interior design Paris: famous designers and their projects

All Parisian interior designers have exquisite taste. They can create interior design solutions and are great at mixing traditional and contemporary tastes in their creative ideas. More details about the main aspects of interior design in Paris and the best interior designers we describe in this article.

Interior Design

Alberto Pinto

This designer’s studio was based on mixing different styles of interior design in Paris. He managed to work on several projects, which were not only in the design of living quarters.

He has worked with commercial hotels and yachts.

The designer was distinguished by the fact that he was not afraid to experiment. Most of all, he liked to create interior design solutions in large rooms, in which he managed to combine several styles. At the same time, the whole space looked harmonious. Today, Alberto Pinto’s studio is considered one of the most sought-after in France.

Charles Zana

This master was engaged not only in interior design. He also worked on architectural projects. The interior architect managed to combine art and technical breakthrough in all his projects, like eclectic and emblematic interiors. The designer created different housing systems that were easy to adapt to.

When building the interior, the designer considered all the wishes of people, and also took into account their lifestyles. Therefore, the results are pleasantly surprising.

Christian Liaigre

The designer was born in 1943. He studied at the Academy of Fine and Decorative Arts, which is located in Paris. After that, he was a teacher of drawing at the Académie Charpentier. In 1987, he was visited by the idea of ​​​​opening his studio.

He realized his dream. His studio was engaged in interior architecture, as well as furniture design. Christian’s first project was the Montalembert Hotel. In 1988, the designer was engaged in the reconstruction of the hotel.

In addition, he was engaged in the creation of projects for the houses of famous personalities, including K. Lagerfeld, K. Klein, and B. Adams. All of his works were of excellent quality and sophistication. The designer managed to combine space and light beautifully.

The main emphasis was on the traditions of local culture. The interior architect believed that comfort is not just a trivial abundance. Delicateness and rarity are important. The designer managed beautifully to combine modesty and elegance.

Didier Gomez

The designer is working on creating beautiful art designs. He is invited to work all over the world. Didier designed the Moscow café Rozet, the Parisian restaurant La Coupole, and the Asia Lounge restaurant in Almaty. Didier worked at the Yoshi restaurant in Monaco.

Didier Gomez began working in 1985. Over the years of his career, he has won various awards related to design. He was involved in projects for various shops, restaurants, and boutiques. In addition, he was often invited to decorate offices and apartments around the world.

François Catrou

This designer has worldwide recognition and fame. He always tried to decorate the premises in a modern style. At the same time, you can notice a few elements from old designs.

François Catrou worked alongside aristocrats, oligarchs, and members of the royal family. In his projects, he prefers to use the best materials, including expensive wood and marble. All furniture is luxuriously upholstered.

Interior designer Francois Chamsor

The designer was born in Marseille. However, in the 1980s he moved to Paris. In 1996, he created his interior design bureau. Mediterranean notes are traced in all projects.

François was often involved in the restoration of hotels and cafés throughout Paris. He was also invited to work in the house of Nina Ritchie. All designs are exciting and seductive. At the same time, one can notice notes of optimism. The designer does everything to make the space a living creation.

French interior designer Gerard Faivre

The interior designer is considered one of the best in the modern world. He was engaged in projects of luxury objects, as well as ordinary apartments. In addition to repairs, he is engaged in furnishing and decorating rooms.

When creating his projects, Gerard puts his whole soul into them. He considers each room as a blank canvas, which he paints based on the available inspiration.

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Gilles and Boissier

These interior designers do more than just interior design. They are considered excellent architects. They have their studio, which was established in 2004 in Paris.

The interior design team worked on a variety of projects, including restaurants and hotels. Contemporary interior designers were invited to London and New York. Notable hotels include Hakkasan, Buddakan, La Villa, and Mini Palais. The work on the Baccarat Hotel, which is located in New York, should also be noted.

The result of work on Another Parisian apartment was published in Elle Décor, which is printed in Italy. The magazine partially published furniture and lighting, which were developed by interior designers.

Both interior designers have a difference in work. If Patrick Gilles prefers to focus on strict lines and work with expensive wood, then Boissier is distinguished by works with smooth lines and shades. All his work is characterized by elegance.

Such unique combinations ensure success for contemporary interior designers. After all, interior designers complement each other and create original projects.

Jacques Garcia

The designer was born in 1947. From a young age, he painted beautifully, and at the age of 8, he built an original building in his grandmother’s house. After he entered the school of design, and at the end of his studies, he began working for modern interior designers.

Jacques Garcia worked with the best hotels and restaurants in Paris. In 2006, he was invited to renovate the Hôtel Odéon Saint Germain in Paris, as well as restorative the Château du Champ-de-Bataille. The last facility was in Normandy.

The designer is known for collecting furniture that was lost at the end of the French Revolution. He returned some objects to the royal family, for which he received the title of Chevalier of the Order of the Arts, as well as the Order of the Legion of Honor.

Jacques Grange

This specialist is known all over the world. It has its unique style, which combines tradition and modernity.

Jacques Grange has a rigorous classical education in interior design.

Jacques has vast experience and can combine different styles stylishly and elegantly. In some projects, you can see a combination of luxurious rococo and modern minimalism. Jacques was invited to work in the castle, which is owned by Yves Saint Laurent and P. Berger.

Jean Philip Nuel

This designer fell in love with art and interior design at a young age because his parents were good architects. After, he also went to study as an architect at the Parisian school of fine and decorative arts. During his studies, he became a laureate of an international competition organized by K. Tange.

Until the age of 30, he had already begun to engage in projects that are in Paris. Almost everyone who worked with Jean notes his uniqueness. He creates interiors that are distinguished by a special atmosphere.

Jean-Louis Deniot

He is a very popular personality in the world of interior designers. Furthermore, he is included in the list of the world’s best interior designers, and he was also included in the Elle Decor list. Jean-Louis was fond of interior design from an early age. Therefore, in his modern works, spontaneity, and notes of magic can be traced.

Almost all of his clients note that the eclectic and emblematic interiors are iconic. The designer does not have a clear style that he adheres to. Each project is unique and performed in different repertoires. The projects show modernity and historical references.

Deniot constantly travels for inspiration. He studies the history of different countries and periods, after which he applies knowledge in his work. In all projects, one can note the sophistication of shades.

Joseph Diran

This designer had traditional and contemporary tastes and became popular because he began to use the classic French style, and combine it with minimalism. All lines of space become strong and elegant. Lighting, expensive materials, and other details are used to revitalize the interior.

Often the designer prefers to work with marble. He believes that this material is not just expensive and beautiful. It is believed that he can fill a person with the right energy.

Joseph Diran worked in well-known stores, among which are the boutiques of A. Wang. In addition, he was invited to work in apartments, hotels, and restaurants around the world. Some objects can be found in Beirut.

Mathieu Leanner

This designer is engaged in different options for interiors. However, he decided not to work with furniture. Very few interior designers worked with technology. But he did. He manages to create unique architectural objects that combine science, technology, art, and design.

He often works with air, water, light, and sound. The designer has created his project called “Therapy Objects”. Its main purpose is the ergonomics of medicine. The project was immediately included in the permanent collection of MOMA.

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Patrick Jouin

This designer prefers to work with industrial designs and collaborates with the best manufacturers. Its main direction is international landscape design.

Patrick was born in Nantes, in 1967. In the early 90s, he graduated from the National School of Industrial Creativity. After he began working for Philippe Starck.

In the late 90s, Patrick opened his own company and began to cooperate with A. Ducasse. He has worked on projects such as the Parisian Be boulangerie-epicerie and the Mix New York restaurant.

Pierre Yovanovitch

This is a world-famous artist who creates unique interiors, and high-quality materials are used in his work. It should be noted his love for copper, metals, marble, and stone. Today, Pierre is included in the list of the world’s best interior designers.

The designer was born in 1965. Initially, he worked in the fashion world and collaborated with P. Cardin. In 2001, he opened his firm with offices around the world, including in Israel and the United States. Today, the most famous offices are in Paris and New York.

Pierre-Yves Rochon

The designer founded his firm in 1979. Initially, the company was engaged in the creation of projects for hotels and residential premises. All designs are based on the culture and history of each region. After, the designer began to work with historical landmarks.

He also managed to work on the world’s advanced developments. He imbued each of his projects with craftsmanship and authenticity. For his services, Pierre received numerous awards.

Popular objects

The most popular objects with which he worked are:

  • hotel chain Four Seasons;
  • chain of restaurants and hotels Ritz-Carlton;
  • Shangri-La;
  • InterContinental and other boutique hotels.

Pierre also worked on the development of restaurants for famous world chefs, including A. Ducasse and J. Robuchon. Pierre also collaborated with J. Boyer.

Rami Fischler

The company’s latest project is the renovation of a 2-story apartment located in a Parisian architectural monument in the 16th arrondissement. The designer prefers to combine classic elements with unique designs.

This provides a multi-layered interior that re-discovers the history of the room. All projects are aesthetically pleasing.

Sarah Lavoine

This famous designer works according to the principle that no details fill the room with vulgarity. She prefers to do everything in one color scheme. Similar trends can be traced in her style of clothing.

The designer prefers to combine several items that at first glance may seem completely different.

She believes that the room will look best if all its sides are done in different themes.

Tristan Auer

At the beginning of his career, the designer was inspired by the works of C. Liaigre. Tristan works not only on interior projects. He is an excellent architect. In 2002, he founded his firm, which began to cooperate with residents of luxury houses and boutique hotels.

The company is engaged in the individual creation of furniture to order. The designer is so famous that his work can be found all over the world. Today he is the head of the Parisian studio “Wilson” and is engaged in curating the best European firms.

ADN Paris

At the beginning of the 2000s, the ADN studio was created in Paris. It is looking for a balance between internal architectures. All employees work hard to disclose brand identity.

The company works not only with houses and brands. It designs for historical landmarks and designs furniture herself.

Benny Benlolo Company

This eminent designer founded his firm in Paris. The company is located in the eighth district. The designer develops projects for most private houses, as well as many famous restaurants. He has global recognition designing hotels.

Firm Christophe Pille

This designer is distinguished by the fact that he tries to optimize elegance in all his works. In all his works, sensuality and sophistication can be traced. Thanks to this, he received recognition around the world.

Did he work only in Europe?

Christophe Pillet has created numerous designs for hotels, fashion boutiques, and other objects. He was invited not only to Europe. Periodically, the designer works in the UK, USA, and Japan.

Firm Véronique Cottrell

This renowned designer has been designing interiors since the very beginning. She independently creates an architectural project and deals with its concept.

She brings all the stages of work to the end herself, which attracts customers.

Veronique independently develops the details and selects the materials. She also advises various companies and accompanies all stages of work.

Anne-Sophie Payer

This designer is known worldwide for her elegant and precious interiors. It is important to note that all projects are restrained and not exaggerated. Ann-Sophie works with both private homeowners and public companies.

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Atelier Gohar

This firm has been in existence for over 60 years. It excels in creating unique finishes. In her work, she prefers to use modern materials and gold leaves.

The company focuses on making luxury properties completely renovated. Therefore, owners of famous hotels and historical monuments turn to her. The company also works with eminent world interior designers.

Jeanne Nouvel firm

The famous designer studied at the art school, which is located in Bordeaux. His work is so attractive that Jeanne was awarded not only French but also world awards.

In France, he was awarded the Gold Medal from the French Academy of Architecture. He has a Grand Prix in French architecture.


The company was founded by renowned designer and interior architect Daniel Bismuth. After Michel Bismuth joined him. Partners are engaged in the development of unusual and unique interiors.

They cooperate both with owners of private houses and commercial companies. Quite often they have to work and make luxury properties completely renovated. Often they are invited to create projects in embassies.

Borella Company

In 1981, Christine and Nicola Borella founded their hotel interior design and renovation company. Often they get to work if the back consists of 4-5 floors.

Recently, they have actively begun to work with private housing. They also have projects that have been developed for yachts.

Caroline Keslassi

The designer specializes not only in interiors. He is considered an excellent French architect. It features a bold and original aesthetic, in which notes of modernity and infinity can be traced.

Caroline is known around the world for creating mesmerizing designs in different spaces. It can be offices, private residences, and boutiques. She draws inspiration from the architecture of Paris.

Carré Lumiere Sarl

This designer decided to take a step back from traditional interior design projects. He began selling lighting, decorative items, and home furnishings.


In 1993 Chahana interior design company was founded. The founder worked in America, Europe, and the Far East.

He created projects not only for private houses. His works can be found on the premises where eminent expensive brands are located.

Koshe Pais

The company was founded by brothers. They not only manage all projects, but also independently create original interior designs. All their work is unique.

Each of the interior designers complements the other, resulting in stylish projects.

When recruiting a team, preference was given to multidisciplinary specialists. Thanks to this, innovations are introduced into all interior design projects that make the view a real work of art.


The design studio was created by K. Nahmati. The company is engaged in architecture and interior decoration. Some specialists are excellent architects. The company provides services for the repair of apartments, houses, and hotels.

Elliot Barnes Firm

In 2004, the designer founded his firm. His work is filled with aesthetic taste, so he was invited to work in famous hotels, shopping centers, private residences, and spa centers. Today, the designer is in demand not only in France but throughout the world.


When it comes to famous interior designers in Paris, there are many questions. The answers about interior designers you can find below.

How much do interior designers make in Paris?

Interior designers in Paris earn about 59,000 euros annually. On average, the cost of one hour of work with interior designers is 24 euros. The higher the education and work experience, the higher the cost of work. Very few interior designers earn up to $60,000 a month, but they are real stars.

What is the French interior design style?

French interior design is characterized by a combination of modernity and classics. On the ceilings, you can see huge glass chandeliers, and there is decorative lighting around the entire perimeter. Chandeliers can take the form of a candlestick, which fills the space with a twist.

What is Parisian interior style?

Parisian style is characterized by restraint, sophistication, and elegance. You can see a combination of old, vintage, and modern items.

Is interior design a good career in France?

An interior designer in France is a pretty good specialty for building a career. As already mentioned, good interior designers can receive about 50 thousand dollars a year. This is an excellent indicator, considering that every day the designer works only 5-6 hours.


As you can see, there are many famous Parisian interior designers. All of them are popular all over the world and managed to build excellent and highly paid careers. Most of them even have their own companies.

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