What celebrity homes can you see in la

What celebrity homes can you see in la – Ultimate Guide

Are you planning a trip to Los Angeles city? Great, because Los Angeles is the place where a lot of famous singers and Hollywood movie stars have gathered together. Watching their houses is an exciting activity. This article describes what celebrity homes can you see in la!

Celebrity Homes Los Angeles: Take a Tour with This Map!

You may think that it is easy to identify the location where the celebrity homes are located in Los Angeles, but this is not the truth.

Yes, devoted fans and paparazzi are carefully working to find the celebrity homes, but even after finding them, it’s not a fact, of course, that you will be able to get a good look at the celebrity homes, you most likely will not be able to catch your favorite star and will not be able to take a picture with her or him.

But we can give some information about the location where the star’s house is located, so keep reading!

Can you visit celebrity homes?

It is known that it is nonsense to enter the home of any person or stranger whenever you want, so it will obviously not work to go straight to the home of a star. However, from afar you will still be able to see some details of the celeb buildings.

What famous celebs live n LA


What celebrity homes can you see in la

Going to luxury Malibu, you will be able to see the real estate of the following stars:

– Courtney Cox,

– Stephen Spielberg,

– Cindy Crawford,

– Patrick Dempsey,

– Cher,

– Caitlyn Jenner,

– Rick Rubin,

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– Actor Edward Norton,

– David Geffen.

Beverly Hills

What celebrity homes can you see in la

This most famous area has gathered a bunch of the most popular celebrities, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Mulholland Drive.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch the following stars homes here:

– Jeff Bezos,

– Channing Tatum,

– Slash,

– Eddie Murphy,

– Simon Cowell,

– Taylor Swift.

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Bel Air

What celebrity homes can you see in la


The west gate entrance to Bel Air is on Sunset Blvd. You will find this place in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains.

What celebrity homes can you see in la

It is a harbor of:

– George Lucas,

– Elon Musk,

– Jennifer Aniston,

– Joni Mitchel,

– former-President Reagan,

– Elizabeth Taylor.

– Beyoncé & Jay Z

At Holmby Hills you`ll find such houses:

– Playboy Mansion,

– Spelling Manor,

– Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo estate.

Speaking of these celebrity houses, we do not mean buildings for a million or two dollars. We are talking about huge buildings that can reach a cost of several tens of millions, so, in fact, this magnificent spectacle is worth your attention.

Hollywood Hills

What celebrity homes can you see in la
What celebrity homes can you see in la

This “celebrity” place, just like the previous ones, has become a home for many popular personalities. These include the following stars homes:

– Justin Timberlake

– Julianne Hough

– Jason Bateman

– John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen

– Harry Styles

According to Ranker, Mila Kunis, Johnny Depp, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Kelly Osbourne, Russell Brand, Kylie Minogue and Melissa McCarthy are just a few of the rich and famous who most recently called or called the area home.

Los Feliz

The following stars purchased houses in this area:

– Rooney Mara

– Kristen Wiig

– Angelina Jolie

– John Hamm

What celebrity homes can you see in la

West Hollywood

West Hollywood is home to the infamous Sunset Strip. Mila Kunis, Johnny Depp, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, Kelly Osbourne, Russell Brand, Kylie Minogue, and Melissa McCarthy are among those actors who have ever mentioned that West Hollywood with the infamous Sunset Strip is home for them.

What celebrity homes can you see in la

Where do stars live in LA?

What celebrity homes can you see in la
What celebrity homes can you see in la

There are various celebs’ homes tours. By purchasing the service of a “celeb” tour in the Platinum Triangle made up of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Holmby Hills, you become the owner of the opportunity to see the place where the houses of celebrities are located, and a special map will help you with.

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You can not buy a tour, and use the “celeb” map in order to get to the desired “celeb” home drive on your own, however, it will certainly be more problematic to do this. The reason is that it is difficult to find a map with updated real data, but do not despair, we have one option!

Linda Welton is a Sunset Boulevard staple. She sets up on Carolwood Drive in Beverly Hills and sells what she claims is “The Original Star Map.” Go and get her map purchased.

What celebrity homes can you see in LA?

  • Adele’s manse

Adele owns an amazing 6,600-square-foot-property here. Her home is really awesome.

  • Beyoncé and her husband abode

A very majestic building is owned by a magnificent Beyonce and her husband. It seems that there is no more luxurious and rich home in the whole world.

  • Ellen DeGeneres

The well-known Ellen DeGeneres also became the happy owner of a beautiful mansion in the star district

2. Filming Locations

As you know, a huge number of movies are shot in Los Angeles, so you can easily find very popular shooting locations here.

For example, you can find Universal Studios Hollywood and Warner Brothers Studio. By visiting these locations you provide yourself with a lot of fun and a bunch of cool photos because these film studios are open to the public as parks. Here you will find really a lot of interesting things.

3  Famous Hollywood’s Sign

What celebrity homes can you see in la

The Hollywood sign is immediately associated with the fact that it will be about the American country. Any tourist who has come to the country, to the beloved city of Los Angeles, will want to take a few photos next to the Hollywood sign. Hollywood sign is the most popular place in Los Angeles.

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What are the different types of Hollywood & celebrity homes tours?

Who wouldn’t like to see the majestic mansions of popular and rich people? That’s right, everyone will take the opportunity to purchase a tour, but to make it easier to choose, refer to our tour guide.

1. Walking Tour

Los Angeles is one of the cities that require your attention entirely. It is best to get to know the city and each street slowly in order to take a good look at everything. Take advantage of the walking tour.

The cost is ~ $30.

2. Bus Tour

Most often, it is more comfortable for people to get acquainted with the sights of the city by bus.

The cost of the bus tour is ~ 30-80 dollars.

3. Combined tours with other attractions

Combined tours are very popular among tourists because they allow you to do a lot of actions for a not very high price, get more pleasure. You will spend about 100 bucks.

4. Helicopter Tours

If you want to really have an awesome tour, get unforgettable emotions and impressions, then you should choose a helicopter tour. Imagine how cool it is to fly over Bel-Air, Hollywood, and all Los Angeles and see it like a painted picture spread out below you.

What celebrity homes can you see in la
What celebrity homes can you see in la

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Final words

Los Angeles is known all over the world due to the fact that it has gathered the luxury and atmosphere of films and filming, all the celebs have gathered here. There is no person who would not like to be here at least once in his life. Of course, because here you can easily meet your favorite idol.

It is only necessary to use our guide!

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