12x24 tile staggered or straight

12×24 tile staggered or straight [Clarified]

When it comes to tiling, both staggered and straight tile patterns are popular all around. However, people get confused regarding which one to use for specifically 12X24 tiles. 

So, should you go for a 12×24 tile staggered or straight

For kitchens, straight tiles are best for a clean look, and staggered tiles work best for a rustic look. For a living room to look bigger, staggered tiling is best. A staggered pattern makes the bathroom look like a spa. A straight pattern helps create a welcoming entryway. And lastly, for a smoother transition from outside to inside, go for staggered tiles.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s still a lot to discover when making this decision. This article has all the information you need to make an informed decision on the tiling pattern.

Staggered Vs Straight Tile Pattern- What’s The Difference?

Staggered and straight tiles are two styles that are often used. Here’s a side-by-side look at the two styles, with pros and cons for each.

Straight Tile Pattern:

Straight patterns are the easiest to put together and are great for hiding flaws. This is a more popular pattern that can be used with both square and rectangular tiles. 

It is also the simplest tile design to put together with straight reference lines. Straight lines will make your room look more modern on their own.


  • It’s easy to set up.
  • works in any room of the house
  • Makes the place look more up-to-date
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It’s not the best choice for smaller, narrower rooms because it can make the room seem smaller than it really is.

Staggered Tile Pattern:

The design with the gaps is also called the Running Bond or the Runner pattern. You can use both square and rectangular tiles to make this pattern. Staggered tiles are able to make a room look bigger and give the floor a different look.


  • It is capable of making a room look bigger.
  • Makes the floor look different and interesting.


  • The pattern makes it more likely that tiles will be lost.
  • The design has to be right.
  • focuses on the grout lines, especially if they are different colors.

Staggered or Straight- Which One to Go For 12X24 Tiles?

There are a few things to think about when deciding whether to use a staggered or straight design for 12×24 tiles. The selection of patterns vastly depends on which room you’re tiling. It dictates the kind of outlook you’re expecting as well.

This decision is as important as choosing your shower wall materials.

Here are some reasons why you might want to choose one style over another for a certain room in your house.


Straight lines in a kitchen can make it look clean and modern. This pattern is also easy to put together, which makes it a good choice for a project you can do yourself. 

But if you want to give your kitchen more visual interest, a staggered pattern can give it a more classic or rustic look. You can go for porcelain tiles over the Kerdi membrane for your kitchen.

Living Room:

A staggered pattern in a living room can make it look sophisticated and modern. This design can also make a room look and feel bigger and more open. It is only natural for people to want a living room that looks bigger, and so, it is the best option.

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If you want to make your living room more interesting to look at, an uneven pattern can make for a more distinctive and appealing layout.


If you opt for larger tiles and use a staggered design in a bathroom, the room will feel more like a spa. This design can also help hide flaws in the tile and grout lines. This is a very effective way to bring life back to the appeal of your bathroom.

staggered design in a bathroom
Source: gardinerhaskins

But a straight pattern also works well in a bathroom, particularly if you want to make it look sleek and modern. If you want your straight pattern to look more complicated, try using smaller tiles. It also works great with floor tile to baseboard transitions.


Straight lines can give an entryway a clean and welcoming look. This design can also help a room feel more open and bigger. The entryway creates the first impression for a guest. Hence, the bigger it is, the better.

But if you want to make your entryway more interesting to look at, you could use a herringbone or chevron design.

Source: thetileis.com

Outdoor Space:

A space outside can feel more natural and organic if it has a staggered design. This pattern is able to make a smooth shift from inside to outside. 

But a straight pattern may also work well outside, especially if you want to make the room look more modern and simple. For a more dramatic effect, try using bigger tiles in a straight design.

In the end, the pattern you select for your 12×24 tiles will rely on your style and what you want each room to look like. When picking a tile pattern, you should also think about how the space will be maintained and how it will be used. 

It’s an effective plan to use spacers to lay out your tile design before you glue them down. You can go for Brutus 99801BR or Miracle Sealants LEV116UN5 if you’re looking for the best tile spacers.

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Still confused about tile patterns? Watch this video for the best tiling patterns with just basic tiles:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which offset is best for 12×24 tiles?

When putting in 12×24 tiles, a 50% gap is often thought to be the most appropriate one for a number of reasons. It helps reduce lippage, which is the change in height between two tiles next to each other. With bigger tiles like 12×24, lippage can be more obvious, but a 50% shift can help with this. 

What is the most common design for tiles?

The straight lay pattern is the absolute most popular and easiest way to arrange tiles. The tiles are just put next to each other in a straight line to make an even grid. It’s an excellent option for places where you aren’t interested in the tiles to draw attention away from other design elements.

What is the hardest way to arrange tiles?

The Versailles design is one of the most difficult and beautiful ways to arrange tiles. This pattern, which looks like a puzzle, is made up of squares and rectangles of different sizes. Even though Versailles is usually used for floor designs, you shouldn’t be afraid to put it on your walls.

End Note

That is all we have in store for you today. We hope that now you have no confusion regarding whether to use 12×24 tile staggered or straight.

We will back at it again with more informative articles to help you make the best decisions. Till next time!

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