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Floor and Decor vs Tile Shop: Which One Is Better?

Many people get confused while choosing one from Floor and Decor vs Tile Shop. It’s important to consider several factors before choosing one.

So, Floor and Decor vs Tile Shop: which one is better?

Many consumers find Floor & Decor to be a cost-effective option because of its extensive selection of flooring materials, affordable prices, and free design services. Contrarily, Tile Shop specializes in high-quality and aesthetically pleasing tiles, although they may come at a slightly higher price point. Both retailers put a high priority on giving their customers a satisfying buying experience.

There is a lot to know before buying your desired products from these shops. So, go through this whole article to have a better understanding.

Floor and Decor vs Tile Shop; Brief Overview 

Both Floor & Decor and Tile Shop are popular retailers specializing in flooring and tile products. While they offer similar products, there are some differences in their approach and offerings. Here’s a brief overview of both companies:

Features Floor and Decor  Tile Shop
Product Quality Average Better
Cost Effectiveness Less Costly Expensive 
Customer Service Better Average 
Installation services Inadequate Inadequate 
In-store shopping Huge Warehouse  Average
User Reviews  Affordable  Better Quality 


In summary, both Floor & Decor and Tile Shop are reputable retailers offering a wide selection of flooring and tile products. 

Floor and Decor vs Tile Shop; Detailed Discussion 

Let’s go into a more thorough comparison between Floor & Decor and Tile Shop across various aspects:

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Product Quality:

Both Floor & Decor and Tile Shop make an effort to provide their consumers with high-quality goods. However, some people suggested that Tile Shop’s tiles are of higher quality than Floor & Decor’s.

However, there can be variations in the specific brands and manufacturers they carry. It’s essential to consider the specific product you are interested in and compare the quality and reputation of the brands available at each retailer.

Cost Effectiveness:

Floor & Decor advertises itself as a value-oriented store in terms of cost-effectiveness. It provides reasonable prices for its items. They frequently provide specials, deals, and clearance sales that can lower the price of their items. 

Tile Flooring Material Price per Square Foot (Range) in Floor & Decor Price per Square Foot (Range) in The Tile Shop
Porcelain Tile $1.49 $7.89
White Ceramic Wall Tile $0.79 $8.89
Porcelain wood tile $3.79 $5.29
Slate tile $3.19 $11.09

However, tile Shop also aims to provide competitive pricing, but their emphasis on higher-quality and aesthetically pleasing tiles may result in a slightly higher price range. Though you can choose porcelain tile which is comparatively lower in price.

Customer Service:

Both Floor & Decor and Tile Shop value customer service and aim to provide a positive shopping experience. Floor & Decor offers free design services, allowing customers to receive expert advice on product selection and installation. 

To help consumers and offer direction while they browse, they have knowledgeable employees on hand in-store. Additionally, Tile Shop has design professionals who can provide specialized guidance and recommendations. Though it’s uncommon for other tile shops to allow returns, Floor & Decor does.

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However, they both provide email service for their customers. Customers can easily send mail to procare@flooranddecor.com for help with purchasing products with their Floor & Decor Credit Account. To contact Tile Shop Customers can fill out a contact form on their website to send an email.

Installation Services:

Installation Services
Source: youtube

Tile Shop and Floor & Decor both lack installation services. They can not provide installation service directly. But if the customer insists, the company manages to provide this service with the help of third-party services.

However, Floor & Decor has collaborated with a professional floor installation company that employs laminate floor installers who are experienced and trained. 

In-Store Experience: 

In-Store Experience
Source: mapquest.com

Floor & Decor has a giant warehouse-style showroom with a wide selection of in-stock products at low prices than Tile Shop. They claim that they are providing products at low prices across the country and have the most products in stock. 

The store managers at Floor & Decor are given the freedom to develop a local retail experience.

User Reviews:

The majority of consumers advise Tile Shop for better quality tiles even if it is more expensive. But some people prefer the Floor and Decor brands when the cost is taken into account. They have a wide selection of wall tile, including ceramic wall tile and decorative wall tile. 

Floor and Decor or Tile Shop; Which one should I Buy From?

In addition to tiles, Floor & Decor can be a better alternative if you’re seeking a large variety of flooring solutions. Both professionals and homeowners can benefit from their wide range of items, affordable prices, and free design services. 

On the other hand, if tiles and stone items are your main priority, Tile Shop specializes in offering premium, attractive alternatives.

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Their showrooms are designed to help you visualize the tiles in real-life settings, and they also offer design experts for personalized assistance. 

After buying your desired product you can easily customize your home’s interior design according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the cheapest type of flooring?

The cheapest type of flooring is sheet vinyl. Because it is a very economical alternative and often ranges in price from $0.50 to $4.50 per square foot. Homeowners frequently choose sheet vinyl as their flooring because it is cozy, reliable, and affordable.

What are floor and decor known for?

Floor & Decor is known for hard surface flooring. The largest in-stock assortment of tile, wood, stone, associated tools, and flooring accessories are available at consistently low costs from this top specialized shop.

What is the easiest type of flooring?

Hardwood flooring is the easiest type of floor installation. Almost anybody can install this sort of flooring because it’s a simple DIY operation that just needs a few basic hand tools and some labor.


Now you know which brand is better between Floor and Decor vs Tile Shop. It is definitely wise to go for Floor and Decor if you are finding cost-effective products. But the tile shop will give you quality products rather than Floor and Decor. 

So, if you are not worrying about money then definitely go for Tile Shop.

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