12 Modern Partition Design For Living Room And Dining Hall

Simple partition design for living room and dining hall any choice for compact homes

Every designer agrees that the living room and dining room are the most important rooms in the house. These are also places where we welcome and entertain our guests. As a result, we always want these rooms to be well-designed and attractive.

Currently, in a small studio apartment, there is usually a common living and dining room, not separate rooms. To divide the space, consider the possibility of using a dining and guest partition.

For inspiration, we have selected 12 great designs, partition designs between living of residential and complex areas. Read more ideas!

12 Best simple partition design for living room and dining hall

1. Jali Partition design for living room and dining hall

From generation to generation, intricate Jali works have been an integral part of Indian architecture.

You can use jelly pattern room dividers as a simple living and dining roompartition.

Jali partition wall for dining and living room is available in materials such as wood, plastic, MDF, stainless steel, and PVC.

2. Design of the glass partition designs of the dining room

While partitions can be made from a variety of materials, our favorite is glass! For example, this stained-glass partition idea in a 4-bedroom villa in Bangalore is a stunning example.

The partition itself serves to separate the living and dining areas. And the colorful pattern adds glitter!

So if you’re looking for some of the latest room divider designs, glass partitions can be a great option to explore.

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3. Vertical wooden slats

In wooden architecture, more importance is given to the aesthetic features of the room. Watching a TV or a family photo frame can be used in a unique way and even hang some DIY or crafts on it. It is a simple and economical design with a long service life.

In addition, it ensures an unobstructed flow of light while maintaining a visual connection between spaces. It adds a natural vibe and transforms it into a sophisticated home that exudes luxury and modernity.

Also, the wooden partition wall frame with crossbeams gives an earthy look while complementing the decor and perfectly separating the space. Place hanging plants around the structure for essential natural relaxation.

4. Air partition between living room and dining room

Ventilated and spaced partitions between the living and dining spaces let in light. Partitions should not completely obstruct the view between rooms. Only two different rooms have to be defined.

If you have a long dining hall with a window at one end for natural light, air partitions between living rooms like this one can suit your space.

It can divide the space and allow natural light to flow almost unhindered.

5. Modern metal mesh partition design or partition for living room and dining room

Metal room divider or screen is a great contemporary room divider design for living and living dining. Metal and screen partitions complement homes with minimalist and elegant decoration.

They also take up less space in the room. This wonderful hallway and kitchen partition design looks really amazing when you add it to your living space.

6. Modern laser cut design partition for living room and dining room.

For urban homes with minimal decor, laser cut room dividers are a good room divider design for the living room and dining areas. They are modern and artistic.

If you use the kitchen as a partition between the living room and the living dining, you have a good incidence of light in the room.

Laser cut partitions for living room and kitchen are now very popular.

7. Stone look partition wall design for living room and dining spaces

Partitions with stone facing are available in different models made of artificial stone. They are available in a polished finish.

They are suitable for high humidity environments and can withstand impact. Since stone partitions are waterproof, they are suitable for a modern kitchen partition.

Partitions with stone decor liven up your living space and look great.

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8. Divider with shelf

Adding bookshelves or display space is a unique design of hallway partition between living room and living dining. A cabinet and bookcase combination provides storage and display space while also acting as a room divider.

Even a transparent bookshelf stretched across the fence ceiling can be used as a workspace, play area or drinking nook. This is one of the simple and durable room divider that add light and space. Apartments in Thrissur prefer this type of room divider as it offers space and privacy at the same time.

9. Design of boxy partitions between living room and hall

Use plants to create a partition between the separate living room and dining room. If you love houseplants, this will surely be one of your favorite kitchen divider designs, dividing the living room and living dining.

You can use a metal frame to hang plants or arrange shelves on it to hold multiple pots.

The est part is that by regularly changing the plants, you can completely transform the look of the roo

10.Simple half-wall partition for living room and hall

Half wall partition is a modern hall partition design. They are both functional and beautiful.

For the idea of ​​dividing the living dining in India, you can put the dining table behind the wall and give it enough privacy like a glass partition for the living room and dining hall. A half wall is a great idea for dividing the living dining in Indian kitchens.

11. Moving frames

Movable frames are a cheap and smart designs between living dining way to separate living and dining hall. Custom or handmade frames are perfectly compatible with the furniture and floor of the house.

Movable frames can be easily folded and pulled as needed. It takes up little space while providing more privacy for cozy apartments.

DIY frames can be made from a few pieces of plywood or some metal pipes and a wooden frame. A room divider provides enough privacy for whatever is behind it without making the room look smaller at the same time.

12. Curtains in the form of partitions

Curtains are a great partition for dining hall and living room. All you have to do is hang a rod and attach the hooks or loops. If you want to give your space a more royal feel, go for velvet curtains. However, if you want to keep it simple and light, use gauze.

Living room curtains are a subtle way to enhance the space without cluttering the decor.

With so many options, choosing the right curtain design to complement your home decor can be difficult. Bright colors are the latest trend in curtains.

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A beaded room divider can be useful when you don’t want to add a large curtain to your living dining but want a smooth separation between the living dining areas.


How do you separate hall and dining?

5 tips for separating living and dining rooms

Whether you’re designing your space from scratch or planning a remodel, these simple tips will help make your living and dining rooms feel like separate spaces:

  1. Use intricate dividers as a focal point in your open floor plan.
  2. Place a suitable floor mat to separate the living and dining spaces.
  3. Install floor-to-ceiling wood panels behind the living dining and create a sense of separation.
  4. Create an accent wall in the living room to separate it from the open-plan dining area.
  5. Play the light game with different lighting in the living room and dining hall. Use an LED artificial lighting system.

How do I partition my living room and kitchen?

There are many ways to separate the kitchen and living room, like by using a kitchen island, table, or bookcase as a room divider. If you want a complete separation, you can, of course, choose a fixed kitchen partition and also use a solid wall to separate the kitchen from the living room.

How do I create a partition in my living room?

A regular room divider may not fit the size of your room. You can easily customize them to the size and beauty of your room with local artisans.

Which is best for room partition?

Your options include folding screens, curtains, large bookshelves as room dividers, and more. You can use them to change the layout of a room, add extra privacy, maximize storage space, or change the scenery.


Partition walls are a great way to enhance the interior design of your home. It makes a small home seem bigger and helps fill in the empty space in a large home. Fascinatingly?

When choosing a room divider design for your living room, make sure your choice suits your personal taste and keep up the good work!

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