Top 25 Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes

Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes – Detailed Guide 2023

Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and Holmby Hills have long been beloved by celebrity addresses Beverly Hills who are firmly in the history of cinema and are legends.

Beverly Hills has always been an enviable Beverly Hills celebrity map for many Hollywood stars, but as Los Angeles has grown, it has become a great way for all the rich and famous to settle away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. We want to tonight show you Beverly Hills celebrity homes.

Why Do Celebrities Buy Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes?

Why Do Celebrities Buy Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes

There is a myriad of reasons why famous people and even movie stars Beverly hills and legends don’t stop and buy luxury Beverly Hills home in the area. The first is the most obvious in our opinion, you can buy a really majestic, expensive and unusual house there.

But the cost of such celebrity home Beverly Hills home is incredibly high: from a million to 165 million dollars. In general, this area is considered the most remote and quiet place in California for a reason, as it is located away from the annoying noise of the city.

But there is another reason why many celebrities regularly buy houses in Beverly Hills home, and that is to connect with other many celebrities.

You’ll probably want to say hello to Jack Nicholson in the morning like a neighbor or invite Madonna over for coffee. It’s the perfect opportunity to socialize, stop by and get new lucrative contracts or even attend a star-studded party.

25 Iconic Celebrity Houses in Beverley Hills

25. Madonna’s Home (9425 sunset strip Blvd)

Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes

For almost twenty many years, the singer has lived in a gorgeous apartment that is located in Beverly Hills home. There are nine sleeping areas and each room has its own bathroom. The area is four thousand five hundred square meters.

There are also several dressing rooms, two living rooms, a personal library, a room for sports, several kitchen areas, and a celebrity home beverly hills theater. Everything in the mansion has been equipped for the comfort of a celebrity.

24. Phil Collins Home (9401 Sunset Blvd)

Phil Collins Home

If you go straight down the road from the legendary singer’s Beverly Hills home, you’ll find another music legend, the famous Phil Collins.

His swanky star homes in Beverly Hills were originally owned by the Waverly Mansion and have been in his possession for many years.

Collins, among other things, is a member of the local community and has on several occasions invited to an organization that collects and publishes various information about vintage and historic sites throughout Los Angeles.

He plays his drums all the time, which sometimes irritates nearby neighbors.

23. Gene Hackman’s Home (9901 Copley Drive)

Gene Hackman Home

Gene Hackman is a true movie legend of yesteryear, who became known for his role as the charismatic villain Lex Luthor in Superman. In addition, he has played many cool roles that are remembered by audiences. One of his most notable films is The Poseidon Adventure.

Lex Luthor Poseidon adventure bought himself a house that looks a lot like the house of an elite supervillain from numerous movies and TV series.

You’ll see a long curving driveway, the gate is carefully guarded, and the gardens are so lush that you almost can’t see the star houses in Beverly Hills and the yard from behind them.

22. Rihanna’s Home (9152 Janice Pl)

celebrity addresses beverly hills

The singer bought the star’s house in Beverly Hills for $6.9 million, and it is located not anywhere but on one of the prestigious hills of the legendary Beverly Hills. But Rihanna was not entirely happy with the purchase, as its roofing has not passed the test of time.

The fact is that during the winter in Los Angeles, one after another, there were continuous torrential rains, and the roof simply could not cope with so much water, so several rooms in the house were mercilessly spoiled. But whatever the case, the mansion is quite impressive.

First of all, we would like to note the terrific view from the windows of the house, the view from time to time is directed somewhere in the distance, where you can see the city skyscrapers and other buildings.

There is a wonderful garden around the celebrity houses in Beverly Hills, everything is literally immersed in greenery.

It is known that the house has 8 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, dining room, study, 10 bathrooms, a fairly large living room, a couple of rooms for recreation and conversation, a library, a steam sauna, a swimming pool, spa, and even a cinema hall.

The house is decorated mostly in white colors, with a clear hint of Scandinavian style, the only exception is perhaps the kitchen, which has dark-colored cabinetry.

The home furnishings are done in a modern overlay, here you can see glass partitions for the stairs, trendy sofas, portraits on the walls, comfortable stylish chairs, as well as fluffy carpets on the floor.

By the way, there are also bull skins on the floor, made in the tone of the floor, and partially echoing their white stains with the color of the walls.

It is felt that the star is all right with a sense of taste, this house really fits her image and the created image perfectly.

21. Nicolas Cages – Movie Stars Homes in Beverly Hills (363 Copa De Oro Rd)

Nicolas Cages

Nicholas Cage is a fan not only of comic books but also of architecture. And he has a hobby to match – he collects old houses. So far he has only three mansions, but what!

They resemble real English castles, which somehow ended up in Los Angeles. By the way, in addition to really old houses, Cage buys and stylized, which were built according to ancient drawings.

20. Hugh Heffner’s – Playboy Mansion (10236 Charing Cross Rd)

star homes in beverly hills

Hugh Hefner’s death at age 91 marks an unfortunate death and the end of an era. And while many rightly praise the Playboy founder as a cultural force that helped revolutionize publishing and bring the sexual revolution to the masses, we pause to honor another, an equally iconic part of his legacy: the Playboy Mansion.

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Its 29-room “Gothic Tudor” style home, set on five acres of rolling Los Angeles hills, is an American phenomenon in its own right, evoking the fantasies of generations of men (and women). It was built in 1927 by famed architect Arthur Kelly.

Fun Fact : It was purchased by Hugh Hefner in 1971 for $1.1 million.

The stone mansion is decorated in the Gothic style. In total, the huge house has 29 rooms. On the first floor is the main entrance, kitchen, and large dining room. On the second floor, there are 12 large bedrooms, as well as a private office and a bedroom of Hugh Hefner.

There is also a studio for filming, a huge movie theater, an arcade, a big wine library, and a gym. On the 2.5 hectares of the estate itself, there are several swimming pools, sports fields, and a huge orchard.

The famous Grotto, an artificial cave with a blue Jacuzzi, waterfall, and several beautiful leather sofas, deserves special attention. It was in this place that many fun parties were held.

The Grotto is also often used by Hefner’s guests to have unforgettable romantic dates there.

The Playboy Mansion serves not only as a receptacle for exuberant parties but also as home to dozens of exotic animals. What’s more, it’s one of the few mansions that have a real zoo license.

Hefner loves birds, and they can be found everywhere: ducks, peacocks, parrots, toucans, and even flamingos! Also here you can find a lot of real fluffy rabbits and hundreds of squirrel monkeys and other exotic animals.

As you know, the Playboy Mansion is famous for its grand parties.

To get to such a glittering event was possible only by personal invitation Hugh Hefner. Cheating to get into the mansion to the party was impossible.

The founder of Playboy controlled every guest, and if he saw trespassers, immediately put them on the “black list”, so that then to get to the famous Hugh parties is impossible.

Ironically, according to many of the guests of such parties, Hefner himself was not very fond of such events. He preferred to relax in his home bathrobe, watching the same classic movies and eating cookies.

19. Jay Lenos Home (1151 Tower Road)

Jay Lenos Home

Jay Leno began his stand-up career before owning The Tonight Show for more than 20 years! But now it’s obvious who’s kidding, he purchased his celebrity home at Beverly Hills address back in 1987 and is famous for his extensive choice of garages that house one of the biggest classic car private collections in the world!

18. Jennifer Aniston’s Home (Corner of Airole Way)

Jennifer Aniston “fell in love at first sight” with this house. When she first walked through its tall massive front door, she realized: she is at home. But here’s the trouble! The house at that moment she did not belong. He was not even for sale. The actress had to wait for seven months before the new owner agreed to “part” with its real estate.

beverly hills celebrity homes map

It must be said that the house, though Jennifer liked it, looked ugly, to say the least. It was originally built back in the 1970s, designed by architect Harold Levitt. And by the early 2000s, the building was in need of renovation. But the actress refused a cosmetic repair. She resolutely embarked on the reconstruction. And helped her with this designer Stephan Shedley. And Jennifer did not just follow the progress of the work. She personally selected the textiles and interior furnishings.

The interior has a lot of wood and stone. We must pay tribute to the Hollywood actress. For the interior decoration of her house, she chose only fallen trees. The natural stone on the walls is reminiscent of a dwelling carved into a rock.

But it is so skillfully “intertwined” with other decorative objects that it does not make the interior any heavier. On the contrary, it gives the rooms a highlight. And the stone we see not only in the kitchen, where there is a pizza oven and a wine cabinet. It decorates the playroom, the bedroom, and the living room, giving the interior of the house a harmonious, finished look.

Stefan Shedley noticed in one of his interviews that Jennifer Aniston was very passionate about remodeling. And even tonight show him a pretty good sketch. So that’s why she’s so proud of her house. It’s just a safe haven for her. It’s her brainchild, her project, which allowed her to look at herself in a new way and discover new talents.

17. Johnny Weissmuller’s Home (414 St Pierre Rd)

Johnny Weissmuller Home

Who is he, you may ask? He is the creator of the most famous scream in the history of cinema today, the scream of Tarzan himself. So it should come as no surprise that his house is also made in a completely wild style. Especially when Weissmuller, as a former swimmer, builds a network of huge pools, the most notable of which resembles in appearance the moat that surrounds the entirety of the mansion.

16. Jack Nicholson’s Home (12850 Mulholland Drive)

stars map beverly hills

Jack Nicholson is one of Hollywood’s most impressive actors, known for his many scary movies such as The Shining by Stephen King, but so is his house, which has a couple of chilling stories behind it. His mansion has been the subject of numerous criminal investigations, and his previous one burned to the ground.

Rumor has it that the whole area where the house is located is under the influence of a terrible curse. But despite this, in the eighties, this house became the site of a huge number of large-scale parties.

15. Marlon Brando’s Home (12900 Mulholland Drive)

stars homes beverly hills

The mansion where the “Godfather” once lived was built in 1939, designed by architect Paul R. Williams. The total area of the house is 464.5 square meters. The house has 16 rooms, including six bedrooms and five baths. The backyard has a swimming pool, sports field, and barbecue area. Brando originally built and owned the mansion from 1952 until the mid-1960s.

It was during this period that several landmark films for the actor’s career came out: “Savages” and “Julius Caesar“. In addition to Marlon, the hosts of the house were actor David Carradine and musician Frank Zappa. In addition, in this house visit, Marlon visited Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, and Brando himself often took a sunbath near the pool in an Adam costume.

14. Mia Farrows Home (809 Roxbury Drive)

Mia Farrows Home

Keeping the early Tarzan movies’ connection alive, Mia Farrow lived here as a child with her moth Maureen of Sullivan, who was an actress in many early Tarzan movies films like no one else but Jane.

13. Dean Martin’s Home (511 N. Maple Drive)

The Tea Dance House was Martin’s favorite weekend retreat, where his “rat pack” friends (Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.) and buddies from Palm Springs Township often gathered. The house is full of furniture created by famous designers, and the singer’s contemporaries, and is surrounded by forest overlooked by the peaks of the San Jacinto Mountains. In addition, there is a white grand piano in the mansion’s living room, which Martin liked to play for his guests.

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12. Frank Sinatra’s Home (915 Foothill Road)

famous homes in beverly hills Frank Sinatra’s Home

In 1947, you couldn’t do without an Army off-road vehicle in Palm Springs: unpaved roads, dunes, tumbleweeds. A real American desert, like in a cowboy movie. Frank Sinatra built the famous “Twin Palms” house there – the Palm Springs guidebook devotes several pages to it.

Whenever it was cocktail time, Sinatra would raise a special flag on the flagpole in front of the entrance for other famous Palm Springs residents to stop by.

Sinatra had owned the house in Palm Springs, nicknamed “The Mirage Ranch,” for forty years. It had grown like a living organism, and every corner and room was named after some great master song. The main one was called “The House I Live In”; there were two more guest rooms.

There was even a real “caboose” on the grounds of the Mirage, a stripped-down railroad car where Frank had set up a barbershop. He loved toy railroads – he kept them in the depot house. However, individual steam locomotives were dotted all over the place.

But most importantly, the glorious forties, when the cocktail flag flew over Sinatra’s house, continued: The Mirage’s hospitality became legendary. Sinatra himself would go around the place, making sure everything was in order, right down to whether people had enough toothpicks and ice cream in the fridge. Kennedy and Reagan, Yul Brynner and Dr. Debakey, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. A naked Marilyn Monroe cooked breakfast in the kitchen of The House I Live In.

Frank asked Marilyn to marry – he felt sorry for her and hoped that when she became Mrs. Sinatra, the evil people would leave her alone, frightened by the friend of all the mobsters. Marilyn refused, and a week later she was gone. Then a twenty-year-old hippie, Mia Farrow, lived here, married her, and quickly divorced her in his traditional way – with a scandal and the throwing of suitcases and girlfriends on the lawn.

11. Greystone Mansion (905 Loma Vista Dr)

beverly hills star map

The estate was designed by Gordon Kaufmann (not to be confused with Lloyd of Troma!), known for his work on the Hoover Dam, at the request of oil magnate Edward Doheny. Not only was this gentleman known for his meteoric success, but he also became famous as a philanthropist. In the 1920s, his name was often splashed in the newspapers in connection with the Typto-Dome corruption scandal.

Twice Doheny was accused of bribing the U.S. Secretary of State, and twice the charges were dropped. In any case, the mansion was a wedding gift the businessman intended to give to his son, Ned. In 1928, construction was completed, and the following year Doheny, Jr. moved in with his wife and four children availability. Greystone Mansion has a very dark history, it was by Edward Doheny for his son, Ned.

The manor house turned out to be a sight to behold! Tudor Revival style with whimsical sloping roofs and large windows, 55 rooms spread over 4,300 m2 of land, and around 6.5 hectares of lush green lawn, an orchard, and many trees.

This building has a filmography more extensive than Morgan Freeman’s! “Gilmore Girls (Chilton Academy), The Mentalist, Death She Faces, The Big Lebowski, X-Men (Professor Xavier’s Academy Gate), Treasure of the Nation, The Prestige, The Social Network, Ghostbusters 2, Rush Hour, The Witches of Eastwick – and that’s not half of it. Even David Lynch couldn’t resist and film “Bluntman’s head south” in the former abode of the Doheny family.

Greystone is very conveniently located: any savvy filmmaker from Los Angeles can get to the location in a mere 15 minutes. The exterior (the infamous Tudor Revival) also does its part: when you need to shoot something British but are penny-pinching for a ticket price to Foggy Albion, you can always turn to the time-tested and peer-reviewed Greystone.

You don’t even have to mention how many music videos have been shot here (Elton John nods in agreement) and how many wedding gift have been played (Kirk Douglas will confirm).

If you’re in Beverly Hills home, be sure to check out Loma Vista Drive. The magic of cinema has powerfully nailed this place. Rumor has it that the building is in need of restoration, but even in the sunset strip rays of its former splendor, it looks so envious of its neighbors. Homes Interiors Dream Check out these celebrity homes in Brentwood. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. There are guided tour options as well as one that you can do on your own for free.

10. Clint Eastwood’s Home (846 Stradella Road)

Clint Eastwood’s Home

The house with a total area of more than 600 square meters, which was originally built in 1928, the celebrity home is valued at 9.75 million dollars, reports TMZ. Eastwood’s mansion has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, one additional bathroom, a library, a wine cellar, and more than four fireplaces.

A guest cottage has been built on the adjoining property. Villa Actor was built in the first half of the XX century, designed by renowned Californian architect Clarence Tantau. The total area of the house is 640 square meters, and the area of the site – is 1.9 hectares.

9. Elton John’s Home (1400 Tower Grove Drive)

Elton John’s Home

It is often written in the press that Sir Elton spends a lot of time in the United States, where he also has real estate. For example, the musician has a luxurious white villa with a pool in Beverly Hills home (Los Angeles). The interiors of the house are regularly discussed in the press.

The singer has furnished and decorated the cottage to his own taste. The furnishings are really reminiscent of the images of Elton John, who always liked cheerful jackets, bright shoes, and custom sunglasses. There are no signs of minimalism in the houses of the musician.

8. Marilyn Monroe & Cher! (141 Carolwood Rodeo Drive)

star maps beverly hills

Marilyn Monroe turned the heads of millions of men around the world. She is still considered the main sex symbol of Hollywood. One of the first who discerned her as a rising star was the film producer and founder of 20th Century Fox, Joseph Schenk. It was he who got the actress her first film role.

It is rumored that the relationship between the producer and Monroe for a long time was romantic. A love nest for them became a luxury mansion in Los Angeles. The Film diva was often seen on a visit to Joseph, and she did not hide that she loves his house.

The property is really luxurious: it has three floors, ten bathrooms, and nine bedrooms. As for the territory of the last residence, there is a guest house, a room for the staff, as well as an outdoor pool. By the way, the interior of the mansion is striking, everything is made with a grand scale.

7. Alfred Hitchcock’s Home (10957 Bellagio Road)

Probably the most Iconic Hollywood Movie Director of all time! Alfred Hitchcock’s old home is just opposite Bel-Air Country Club. He lived there between 1942 to his unfortunate death in 1980.

6. Michael Jacksons Home (100 carolwood pacific railroad Drive)

celebrity houses in Beverly hills

After Michael Jackson was repeatedly accused of pedophilia against children availability visiting Neverland in the 1990s and early 2000s, the singer moved out of his beloved ranch and settled in a house in a secluded Los Angeles neighborhood, Holmby Hills.

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In 2010, the new owner of the Holmby Hills mansion (Michael Jackson used to rent it) put the house up for sale. The building sold for $18.1 million. In addition, the auction offered more than 500 items from the mansion, which was used by the singer: carpets, paintings, sculptures, and even a slate with the inscription “Smile, it’s free.

There are guided tour options as well as one that you can do on your own for free. Quick Tips Bus Tours Bike prime time hollywood tours Discounts Self-Guided Other LA Bus Tours Disclosure: We think you should consider our free tours but we have also provided other options. The most popular is Universal Studios.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games star and Hollywood darling Jennifer Lawrence moved into her gorgeous Beverly Hills home back in 2014. The luxurious five-bedroom home came with a price tag of over ticket price of $8 million, and an impressive list of previous homeowners, which includes Jessica Simpson and, shocker, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber. Lawrence is most well known for her epic performance in The Hunger Games and her down-to-earth personality in real life. As you may know, several notable stars including, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber, Jessica Simpson, and Taylor Swift live in the Beverly Hills area located in the neighborhood celebrity home.

4. Walt Disney’s Home (355 carolwood pacific railroad Drive)

beverly hills celebrity homes

In designing the famous Beverly Hills home, Walt Disney was inspired by the architecture of medieval France and Tudor England, so it looks like a castle. The original house itself was built in just two months. The builders were people out of work during the Great Depression. But that didn’t mean they were unskilled workers.

“I found a graduate of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts on the job line and asked him to paint my ceiling,” Walt Disney himself said in an interview. The house has four bedroom mansion, four bathrooms, a gym, a pool, and, of course, a home theater for watching the footage.

3. Carrie Fisher (1700 Coldwater Canyon Drive)

In the last years of her life, Carrie Fisher lived in an original house located on a map of stars’ homes. Her dwelling was charming, unusual, original, and funny. Exactly as the actress herself was. The house originally owned belonged to Robert Armstrong king kong, the ship’s captain in “King Kong”, who uttered the well-known phrase: “The monster killed the beauty. After that, the house was considered the mistress of the actress Bette Davis, and then the artist Edythe head south, who, in turn, made a lot of permutations here.

When Carrie Fisher moved here, 12 years ago, she brought a lot of furniture with her. She had so much stuff that she definitely needed a place to put it all. And the house in Beverly Hills mansion was perfect for that purpose. As a result, Fisher’s house became the place where life is defined by art, where even trivial things take on a hidden and intimate meaning. Only in such a house could this woman live.

2. Rod Stewart’s Holmby Hills Home (391 N Carolwood Dr)

beverly hills celebrity homes

The 74-year-old singer was assembling a model of the city in the attic of his Los Angeles home Beverly hills. Describing the degree of detail, he wanted to achieve, Stewart said that even the dirt on the sidewalks had to be the right color.

“You start with gray, then you add cement colors – so that each piece of paving stone is a different shade,” he explained. – And there should be some black chalk in the cracks. Then you put a little bit of debris in the gutters, add a little rust here and there.”

1. Bruce Springsteen’s Home (1244 Benedict Canyon Drive)

Springsteen and his wife, Patti Scialfa, purchased the estate with two houses in the Benedict Canyon neighborhood in 1999 for $13.75 million. The nearly 1,000-square-foot home had four families seven-bedroom mansion, four seven four-bedroom mansion two staff rooms, and a separate one for the chauffeur. The second 700-square-foot home had a seven-bedroom mansion and a two-story living room.

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Self-Guided Celebrity Homes Tour: Beverly Hills Stars Homes Map

beverly hills celebrity homes map

Getting a guided tour of all these famous people’s homes can be a challenge, so to assist you will be to collect two homes map. One star map of Beverly Park the celebrity home of Hollywood Hills which has a large selection of celebrity last residence with over 100 homes, and the second star map is a road map of the homes with the 25 locations described above.

For the celebrity house road map, you can easily put it in your satellite navigator and use it for self-guided guided now!

GPS Self-Guided Bicycle Guided Tour: Hollywood stars homes map

If you like pedaling, we recommend that you take advantage of bike-guided tour companies. You can rent bikes, which come with a sturdy helmet and a special safety vest. You will be given a GPS, which will be your guide for Hollywood Hills homes.

Celebrity homes Los Angeles Map Mini Bus Hotel Pickup Guided Tour

If you are not satisfied with the star maps Beverly Hills prime time Hollywood guided tour companies, the guided tour mini bus hotel pickup is at your disposal. You will be told all the relevant information and it only takes a couple of hours. The cost of such a mini bus tour varies from forty to fifty dollars.

Fun Fact: It is alleged by Daily Mail newspaper that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo handed Kim Jong-un, (North Korea Dictator) a copy of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’ CD when on talks in Pyongyang! After Kim Jong stated he had not heard of the song!

Insider Tip: For a great Celebrity Homes tour combined with a guided tour of Universal Studios. The Combo Tour Includes Epic Movie Star Homes Tour Knowledgeable Driver, guide on the Stars Homes Tour Hotel Pickup Admission.


Can you drive by homes?

Although some homes are hidden behind private roads, there are plenty of places to visit. This is why prime time Hollywood tours guided tours are popular. Senate in 1964. If you’d like to extend your walk, instead of returning to Will Rogers Beverly Park to the north, continue south on a rodeo drive and visit the commercial district between Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire, home to some of the most elegant stores and luxury brands in the world.

Universal Studios Hollywood The most popular is Hollywood Beverly Hills. A guided tour of the area is available elsewhere on this website. Universal Studios Hollywood The most popular is Universal Studios. How far is Universal Studios from Beverly Hills, you ask? A very short 7.7 miles and should take you about 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

5 Most Expensive Homes In Beverly Hills Area

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